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Michael Copeland

Michael Copeland
Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics
York University

Michael Copeland specializes in economic reforms in China and Hong Kong. He taught micro and macro economics and has done research and presented papers on ethnic voting patterns as well as China's economic development and policy toward minority nationalities. He has also published several articles relating to communication and transport services in Canada.


Bernie Frolic

B. Michael Frolic, PhD
Executive Director, Asian Business and Management Programme
Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science
York University

Bernie Frolic is the author of several books, monographs and articles on democracy, human rights and civil society, particularly on China and Russia. He is co-editor of Democracy, Human Rights and Civil Society in Asia (2001), Civil Society in China (1997), and Reluctant Adversaries: Canada and the PRC (1995). He is the author of China's Second Wave of Development (1995) and Mao's People (1980). He has written several articles and papers on modernization and urbanization in China and the USSR, state-led civil society, transitions to democracy after the cold war, non-comparative communism between China and the USSR, among a host of others.


Judith Nagata

Judith Nagata, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology
York University

Judith Nagata’s research interests cover Southeast Asia, where she has conducted extensive field and other research on Islam in Malaysia and Indonesia in its civil and political forms. In 2011, she will join the Asian Research Institute (ARI) in the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a Senior Visiting Research Fellow. She will be joining a team of local researchers concerned with issues of "Religion in Globalisation", and plans to engage in more research, both independently, and in collaboration with other scholars at the Institute from various parts of Asia.

Currently, she is following trends in engaged and humanistic Buddhism whose diasporic Buddhist organizations she continues to track in Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Canada. Much of her work focuses on religion, on the assumption that “religion” encompasses a wide range of ethnic, political, economic, business, social welfare, NGO and educational activities, media and cultural production, with spirituality being but one component. She has published extensively on regional and transnational religious and ethnic identity politics, focusing on their policy implications, for multiculturalism and for foreign relations.



David Wurfel
David  Wurfel, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science
University of Windsor

David Wurfel is the author of several books on political economy and social justice in Southeast Asia. He is co-editor of Southeast Asia in the New World Order: The Political Economy of a Dynamic Region (1995), Political Economy of Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia (1990) and author of Filipino Politics: Development and Decay (1988). He has also published and presented a number of papers on Vietnamese foreign policy, democratization and economic crises in Thailand and the Philippines, human security in East Timor, Japanese NGOs in Southeast Asia, and Southeast Asian foreign policies and regional political economy.



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