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Yueran Feng
Mohana Kumar S.
Lyu Xing

Xing LuFeng Yueran

My research focuses on Late Qing China. I received my PhD degree from Minzu University of China in History and Culture Department (2013). My dissertation is entitled, The Other’s images: China in New York Times (1900-1905). Using reports mainly from New York Times, I explore China's images during the age of transformation (Boxer uprising in 1900, Exclusion Act amendments in 1902, Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904, Anti-American boycott in 1905). It includes China's national image, cultural image, and the images of countrymen and women.

I will be a Visiting Scholar at YCAR until September 2014 and will be working with Professor Joan Judge during my time at York. In addition to revising my dissertation, I will begin research, if time permit, on Canadian Chinese-language newspapers, for example Kang Youwei’s Rixinbao and Sun Yat-sen’s Huaying Ribao to explore Late Qing China’s images from overseas Chinese.

Xing LuMohana Kumar S.
Associate Professor
Institute of Development Studies, Jaipur

Mohana Kumar is a 2013 YCAR Research Collaboration Fellowship recipient. During his time at York University, he is working with collaborator Raju Das (Geography) on agrarian distress and farmers' suicides under neoliberal policy regime in India. During the last 15 years, more than 170,000 farmers have killed themselves on account of various reasons directly related to their primary vocation of farming in India. They are examining the process of transformation in the farm front under the neoliberal economic policies pursued by the government of India.

He is Associate Professor at the Institute of Development Studies, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India where he teaches courses on decentralized planning and social development.

He works on the political economy of agrarian change, labour processes, economic planning, decentralization and local governance. Currently, he is researching on the dynamics of the rural labour market after the introduction of the public employment programme of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in India. He is also active in various social and political movements which work for the upliftment of the poor and the deprived.

His recent publications include “Plantation Crops under Trade Liberalisaiton: Analysis in the context of Indo-ASEAN FTA in the Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics (2012) and “Local Government and Market Intervention under Decentralisation: A Case Study of Vellanand Gram Panchayat” in the Journal of Rural Development (2011). He is the co-editor of Climate Change: An Asian Perspective (2012) with Surjit Singh (Rawat Publications, 2012).

Xing LuLyu Xing
Associate Professor and Director
Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Study Center
Yunnan University

Xing Lu is currently Associate Professor and Director of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Study Center at Yunnan University based in Kunming, China. He has worked on natural resource management and environment issues in the Mekong Region for many years.

His areas of interest include water governance issues in the Mekong Region, the linkages between policy and natural resources, payment for environmental services and integrated water resource management. His recent research focuses on hydropower, integrated water resource management, cross-border contract farming, land use change and corporate social responsibility. He was a pioneer in the introduction of community forestry and participatory approaches in China in early 1990s.


Visiting Scholars -- Information and Application Process

YCAR is able to accommodate a handful of visiting scholars each academic year. YCAR encourages applications from faculty, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from other institutions. All applications are forwarded to a selection committee drawn from members of the YCAR Executive Committee for review and approval. 

If you are interested in applying to become a Visiting Scholar at YCAR, please visit the Applying for Membership webpage for more information.



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