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Development, Migration Strategies and Prospects for Integration: Understanding Contemporary Transnationalism among South Korean Families

Principle Investigator: Ann H. Kim, Sociology, York University

Co-Investigators: Eunjung Lee (Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto); Samuel Noh (Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto); Wansoo Park (School of Social Work, University of Windsor); Sung Hyun Yun (School of Social Work, University of Windsor)

Collaborators: Jose Itzigsohn (Department of Sociology, Brown University); Min-Jung Kwak (Department of Geography, York University); Jeeseon Park (Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University)

Project Coordinator : Young-Ah Kim

Research Assistant: Choong-ho Park

Project Timeline: 2009 to 2013

Supported by: Canada's Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) | Standard Grant

The main objective of this program of research is to understand how South Korean family migration strategies and strategies of social reproduction are shaped by the global social and economic order and how the migration strategy, in turn, shapes the experiences of settlement and integration.

We focus on several aspects including:
1. The determinants of contemporary transnational family migration versus intact family migration within a global economic context and notions of space in social reproduction;
2. The different settlement experiences between the two types of migrant families and their on-going connections to South Korea; and
3. The impact of the different types of familyhood on social integration and incorporation.

The first year of this project was directed towards the development of a survey questionnaire for the two types of families to be studied. Over the coming year, we will conduct our survey and prepare the data for analysis.

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For more information, contact Ann H. Kim at annkim@yorku.ca.

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