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Collegium for Practical Ethics
About the Collegium for Practical Ethics

York Centre for Practical Ethics Transforms into York Collegium for Practical Ethics.

The Charter for the York Centre for Practical Ethics ended on June 30, 2013.

As of July 1, 2013, YCPE became the York Collegium for Practical Ethics.

At York University, the designation of "Centre" is reserved for Organized Research Units officially chartered by the York University Senate. YCPE no longer functions as an Organized Research Unit, and so the name had to be changed. The YCPE Executive chose to replace "Centre" with "Collegium" in part because a "collegium," according to the Free Online Dictionary, is "a group whose members pursue shared goals while working within a framework of mutual trust and respect." This certainly describes the collegial relationships that have been formed over the last number of years amongst our sixty or so affiliates and members. In addition, we are able to retain the acronym, YCPE.

YCPE will continue as an informal research group within McLaughlin College, York University's Public Policy College. One of the important functions of YCPE during the past few years has been to organize a lively seminar series, and the seminar series will continue in association with McLaughlin College. Our members and affiliates who wish to submit research grant applications are encouraged to consider submitting them through the York Centre for Public Policy and Law, which also has an ethics mandate.

Governance: YCPE has an executive that reports to its members and affiliates and to the Master of McLaughlin College. As of July 1, 2013, the executive consists of Philip MacEwan, Naomi Couto, Ian Greene, Susan Dimock, Idil Boran, Alice MacLachlan, David Wiesenthal, Gregory Levine, and Garrett MacSweeney. During 2013-14, Philip MacEwan and Naomi Couto have volunteered to serve as co-Coordinators. (The coordinator position is not an officially recognized position, as YCPE became an informal research group on July 1, 2013).

The Collegium's Mandate

The York Collegium for Practical Ethics organizes a seminar series that addresses issues related to practical ethics on a monthly basis. It may also work with other organizations to organize workshops and conferences on practical ethics.

One of the Collegium's goals is to raise awareness of practical ethics and to facilitate the integration of ethics into the everyday life of the surrounding communities, including businesses, government, and the professions.

The forerunner of the Collegium was the York Centre for Practical Ethics, which operated from 1994 to 2013. The Centre was established in 1994 to further research in the field of practical ethics and to support the teaching of practical ethics at York University.

The library that was created by the York Centre for Practical Ethics will be transferred to the Collegium and will be housed in 026 McLaughlin College.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Ethical Theory/Practical Ethics
  • Ethical Politics
  • Legal and Judicial Ethics
  • Public Policy Ethics
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Business Ethics
  • Research and Academic Ethics
  • Ethics in International Relations
  • Teaching of Practical Ethics
  • Ethics in Sport
  • Healthcare Ethics


The Collegium is administered by a Coordinator or joint Coordinators, and an executive. Also, each year the Collegium normally has a Graduate Assistant assigned to work with the Coordinator.

Funding for Practical Ethics

Research conducted by our members and affiliates is funded by individual research grants.

Agencies that fund work in this area are:

Social Science Humanities Research Council
Medical Research Council
Canadian Genome Program
US Human Genome Project

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