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Centre for Practical Ethics
Certificate in Practical Ethics

Practical Ethics is an exciting area of multidisciplinary study and research. The area of practical ethics provides the opportunity to apply ethical concepts and principles to contemporary social issues. The courses listed for the Practical Ethics General Certificate enable students to address questions of applied ethics and public policy in the fields of anthropology, economics, environmental studies, humanities, philosophy, political science, social science and sociology.

York University students may earn a General Certificate in Practical Ethics while fulfilling the requirements for a Bachelor Degree (Ordinary or Honours) in any Faculty. To qualify for the General Certificate in Practical Ethics, students must complete PHIL 2070 3.0 and PHIL 2075 3.0 (or equivalents) and an additional three full courses (or equivalents totalling18 credit hours) from a list of designated courses (attached). At least one full course (or equivalents totaling 6 credit hours) will be at the third or fourth year level. No more than one full course (or equivalents totaling 6 credit hours) will be at the 1000 level. Students must take at least two full courses (or equivalents totaling 12 credit hours) from a discipline other than Philosophy (i.e., 12 credits must be from the designated courses that are not Philosophy courses). The grade point average in each of the courses qualifying for the Certificate must be at least 5.0. Equivalent courses must be approved by the Coordinator of the Certificate.

Students are required to select the three additional full courses or equivalents (additional to the required two half Philosophy courses specified) so as to ensure a focus to their programs. Students must register for the Certificate, and written approval of a member of the Advisory group for the Certificate must be obtained. Such approval is conditional on the student submitting an acceptable written justification of the intended course selection. The justification should indicate the intended course selection and explain how those courses provide a focused exploration of some area or issue in practical ethics.

Students must indicate their intention to pursue the Certificate by completing an enrolment form (available from the Administrative Assistant of the Philosophy Department, Faculty of Arts, at Ross S428, or from the York Center for Practical Ethics at 220 McLaughlin College). Students must make an appointment for individualized advising with a member of the Advisory group for the Certificate prior to enrolment (which normally occurs before the end of the student's second year of full time study or equivalent). Students must have a second advising session with their Advisor in the last year of their program. The list of Advisory group members is attached. Once students have completed all the Certificate requirements, they must inform the Coordinator of the Certificate of their eligibility for the Certificate. Further information is available from the Philosophy Department or the Center for Practical Ethics.
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