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Certificates in Ethics


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Toronto, ON
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Centre for Practical Ethics
Faculty at the Collegium


Faculty Members

Adelman, Howard
Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, LA&PS
Bazely, Dawn
Associate Professor, Biology, Science & Engineering
Bell, David
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Studies
Boran, Idil
Associate Professor, Humanities, LA&PS
Campbell, Mora
Associate Professor, Environmental Studies
Canefe, Nergis
Associate Professor, SPPA and Political Science, LA&PS
Cragg, Wesley
Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, LA&PS, and Schulich
Crane, Andrew
George R. Gardiner Chair of Business Ethics, Schulich School of Business
Dimock, Susan
Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS
Farrow, Trevor
Assistant Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Fletcher, Fred
University Professor Emeritus, Political Science, LA&PS
Foster, Lorne
Associate Professor, SPPA, LA&PS
Frederiksen, Soren
Assistant Professor, SPPA, LA&PS
Giudice, Michael
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS
Greene, Ian
University Professor, SPPA, LA&PS
Grigull, Jorg
Assistant Professor, Math. and Statistics, Science and Engineering
Jackman, Henry
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS (Chair, Philosophy Dept.)
Jacobs, Les
Professor, Social Science & Political Science, LA&PS
Katz, Shirley
Senior Scholar, Humanities, LA&PS
Kazan, Patti
Assistant Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS
Kenedy, Robert
Associate Professor, Sociology, LA&PS
MacArthur, Daniel
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS
MacDermid, Robert
Associate Professor, Political Science
MacEwen, Philip
Contract Faculty, Humanities; President of Can. Soc. For Practical Ethics
MacLachlan, Alice
Assistant Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS
Malszecki, Greg
Associate Professor, Kinesiology & Health Science, Faculty of Health
Matten, Dirk
Director, Centre for Excellence in Responsible Business, Schulich
Myers, Bob
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS
O’Reilly, Andrea
Associate Professor, Women’s Studies, LA&PS
Ogata, Ken
Assistant Professor, SPPA, LA&PS
Orr, Deborah
Associate Professor, Humanities, LA&PS
Pearlman, Ronald
University Professor Emeritus, Biology, Science & Engineering
Mykitiuk, Roxanne
Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Penz, Peter
Professor, Environmental Studies
Reed, Darryl
Associate Professor, Social Science, LA&PS
Rickwood, Roger
Contract Faculty, SPPA and Political Science, LA&PS
Rioux, Marcia
Professor, School of Health Policy and Management, Fac of Health
Schwartz, Mark
Associate Professor, Administrative Studies, LA&PS
Simeon, James
Associate Professor, SPPA, LA&PS
Soennecken, Dagmar
Assistant Professor, SPPA and Social Science, LA&PS
Spotton-Visano, Brenda
University Professor, SPPA and Economics, LA&PS
Tweyman, Stanley
Professor, Humanities, LA&PS
Waring, Duff
Associate Professor, Philosophy, LA&PS
Wellen, Richard
Associate Professor, Social Science, LA&PS
Whiteley, Walter
Professor, Math. and Statistics, Science and Engineering
Wiesenthal, David
Professor, Psychology, Faculty of Health
Wiktorowicz, Mary
Associate Professor, School of Health Policy and Mg’t, Fac of Health
Wilson, H. Thomas
Professor Emeritus, SPPA, LA&PS, Schulich and Osgoode

External Members

Becker, Christina
Psychologist in private practice
Levine, Greg
Ethics Commissioner for Kitchener, West Lincoln, and Waterloo
Savage, Philip
Assistant Professor, Comm Studies & Multimedia, McMaster Univ
Shefman, Alan
Ward 5 Councilor, City of Vaughan


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September 27, 2015

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