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About Us

The York Institute for Health Research (YIHR) is a university-based organized research unit that fosters interdisciplinary health research. Established in 1990 as the York University Centre for Health Studies and renamed in 2004, it draws together faculty from the social, health, environmental and pure and applied sciences, and from nursing and law, mathematics, psychology and informatics. The research undertaken at YIHR proceeds from the assumption that the health of individuals and communities reflects a host of interacting variables – social, political, behavioural, economic, biological, cultural and historical – and that without attention to these factors, efforts at intervention are likely to fail.

Research at YIHR focuses on five thematic areas. They incorporate many academic areas, including biology, political science, policy, psychology, women’s studies and law, in an attempt to be inclusive of the broad number of disciplinary perspectives that have an interest in health research.

YIHR’s five thematic areas: