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Disability Rights Promotion International – Canada

DRPI-Canada is a SSHRC CURA funded, training, research, capacity building, and knowledge mobilization and dissemination project to monitor the human rights of people with disabilities in Canada. Rights monitoring is a research method that involves the tracking, collection, collation, analysis, interpretation and mobilization of data and knowledge about the life situation of people with disabilities using human rights standards as benchmarks. This proposal is grounded in a “human rights approach” to disability, which focuses attention on the way that systemic discrimination and social exclusion increase vulnerability to abuse, chronic poverty, unemployment, other forms of discrimination, and inequitable social conditions. DRPI-Canada strongly believes that, in order to translate rights on paper into rights in reality, disability rights monitoring must be owned by people with disability themselves. In line with this, DRPI-Canada trained people with a broad range of disabilities through training events organized in Toronto, November, 2007; and Vancouver, May 2009, and planned for St. John’s, August, 2009. Training workshops on economic, social, and cultural rights were also organized in Toronto, February, 2009; Vancouver, May, 2009; and St. John’s, August 2009 with financial support from the department of Canadian Heritage. Marcia Rioux is the PI, and York faculty participants include Daniel Drache, Geoffrey Reaume, Isabel Killoran, Christo El Morr and Roxanne Mykitiuk. Mihaela Dinca-Panaitescu coordinates this project.

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