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Grief Reconciliation Project

The Grief Reconciliation Project aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between research and community on the topic of grief. Despite progress in the areas of palliative care and bereavement, knowledge on grief has not been fully integrated into the health promotion agenda. The project will address grief in three ways: educate the public that there exists a need to discuss the topic of grief more openly, create a pathway to transfer the knowledge that already exists within certain professional and client groups directly to those who may benefit from additional knowledge on the topic of grief, and collaborate with academic and clinical partners to develop a new field of study that will look at the complex phenomenon of grief by showing that it is a process that incorporates physical, mental and spiritual components. In the long term, the Grief Reconciliation Project will involve an agenda of research and outreach programs cutting across four modules: The Sociology of Grief; The Physiology of Grief; The Theology of Grief; and the Psychology of Grief. Jan Hatanaka, YIHR  Research Fellow, leads this project.

In 2009, work began on the Sociology of Grief module. An interview with Jean Vanier conducted by Jan Hatanaka was recorded by Norflicks Productions, who are producing a film scheduled to be released in the spring of 2010. Initial discussions took place with the University of Wales to explore possible projects relevant to the Theology of Grief module.