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Mental Health and Immigrant Women

This project aims to examine new immigrant and refugee women’s mental health experiences and needs in the Toronto region and to contribute to the development of new policies and practices regarding mental health services for this population. Funding was received from the Lupina Foundation (May 2007-November 2007) for the data collection phase of the project, including conducting key informant interviews and focus groups to determine the concerns of community members and service providers regarding mental health services for immigrant women from seven different ethnic communities in five different languages through three community centres. Knowledge exchange includes presentations to staff at the centres, writing brief newsletter articles for local community papers, producing two manuscripts (more are coming), and delivering research posters to community centres. Community partners include Black Creek Community Health Centre, Abrigo Centre and Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Centre. Michaela Hynie is the PI for the Lupina funds. Valorie Crooks of Simon Fraser University, and Kyle Killian, Nancy Johnston and Susan McGrath of York are faculty participants.

Funds were received from York’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit were to disseminate results of this project.