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The YIHR Students’ Committee is led by YIHR’s Executive Committee Student Representatives Juanita Beaudry and Syeda Kabir. Throughout the year, the Students’ Committee will participate in a series of health-related events and organize a student symposium aimed at engaging students interested in health research and providing opportunities for peer feedback and exchange.

If you are a York student interested in getting involved in the students committee please email Juanita Beaudry and Syeda Kabir for more information.

Upcoming Events: 2012- 2013


The Health Tomorrow Journal: Interdisciplinarity and Internationality

is accepting article submissions for its second issue

Deadline for submission: December 20th, 2013

Health Tomorrow: Interdisciplinarity and Internationality is an open-access journal founded by members of the York Institute for Health Research (YIHR). YIHR is home to a new breed of health researchers who actively conduct research from within interdisciplinary teams and cross-sectoral networks. This peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to publishing innovative and diverse health scholarship from emerging and established academics from all disciplines. This digital journal offers another forum for students to become involved in interdisciplinary health research and share their findings with others in a collegial environment.

We encourage you to visit our website for submission details:

You can also check out our first issue at:

For further questions, contact our editorial team at: or visit our website at:

We encourage papers on research that has an interdisciplinary focus and/or cross-disciplinary implications

YIHR Student Symposium (March 26, 2013)

Date: Tuesday March 26th, 2013

Location: Harry Crowe, 109 Atkinson, York University

Theme: Critical Perspectives on the Future of Health

Schedule: 2013 YIHR Student Symposium schedule

The YIHR Student Research Symposium fosters students from different disciplines to come together to engage in health-related discussions. In previous years, this event has attracted a top group of innovative cross- disciplinary papers and lively discussion.

The theme for this year’s symposium is Critical Perspectives on the Future of Health to embrace an interdisciplinary discussion on emerging issues and varying contexts that impact the future of health within Canada and internationally. We hope to use this forum as an avenue to share critical perspectives on health care systems, pharmaceutical industry, global health and population health, as well as how the future of health intersects with culture, identity, economy, globalization, environment and governance. Some topics of interest include but are not limited to, social determinants of health, health equity issues, resource sustainability and women’s health.

We encourage your all graduate and undergraduate students attendance to YIHR’s Student Research Symposium.