York University   Update on CUPE 3903 Labour Dispute

The Senate of York University
 Senate Executive Committee
 November 8, 2000 Announcement

Impact and Implications of the Disruption
Which Began on October 26

Wednesday, November 8 is the fourteenth day of the strike by CUPE 3903.

 In an earlier communication, the Executive Committee of Senate declared that the disruption is a long one as defined by the Senate Policy on the Academic Implications of Disruptions and Cessations Due to Labour Disputes and Other Causes.  As a result, all quarter-term and half-term courses will require some remedial action.  Now that the disruption has continued for fourteen days, all full year courses will also require remedial action.

The exact nature of the remediation will depend on the length of the disruption, and will be determined by individual faculty members in consultation with departments and programmes.  In addition, it is certain that there will have to be some adjustments of academic terms and examination schedules.  The nature of these adjustments also depends on the length of the disruption. 

Students, faculty members and staff are reminded of the following:

Robert Drummond, Chair

 York University