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Upcoming Events for October 2015

To Oct 28York University Outdoor Sculpture Tours
To Oct 16Photo Exhibition of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement
To Oct 16"woven into fine print": An Exhibition by Karen Luk
To Oct 16"Reflect": a drawing exhibition by Matthew Malone
Oct 8PIER Consultation Workshop
Oct 8Vietnam, the Philippines, Guam and California: Connecting the Dots of U.S. Military Empire
Oct 8Zotero 101 Workshop
Oct 8Chemical Information: Advanced Substructure Searching
Oct 8Career Centre: Educator Information Session: University of Toronto, MMPA
Oct 8Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: Morneau Shepell (Bilingual – French/English)
Oct 8Career Centre: Job Search Success for New Grads: How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn webinar
Oct 8Career Centre: Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile workshop (at Founders College)
Oct 8Special Lunch @ Stong MDR
Oct 8Secrets of Academic Success
Oct 8Jazz @ Midday: The Artie Roth Quartet
Oct 8Hypnotist Jimmy G Show at the Underground
Oct 8'What About You?' Workshop
Oct 8Department of Anthropology Annual Lecture Series
Oct 8Essay Writing 101
Oct 8The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Copyright Law, the Creative Industries and Internet Freedom
Oct 8Lusophone Coffee Hour
Oct 9Academic Integrity Workshop
Oct 9PIER Consultation Workshop
Oct 9The Creative Power of Colour Harmony
Oct 9Music @ Midday: Vocal Recital featuring soprano Leslie Fagan with pianist Lorin Shalanko
Oct 9Career Centre: Job Search Success for New Grads: Resumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop
Oct 9Honestly, What's the Big Deal About Academic Integrity?
Oct 13Indigenous Legal Traditions and the New Zealand Judiciary
Oct 13Career Centre: Understanding the Personal Statement workshop
Oct 13'Looking China' Documentary Shorts Screening
Oct 13Anita McBride Alumni Mentoring Luncheon 2015
Oct 13Learning Style
Oct 13Trivia Night
Oct 13Mindful Ways to Manage Emotions Workshop
Oct 14How to get into Pharmacy School (SOS)
Oct 14ACMAPS Fall 2015 Open House
Oct 14The Sexual Politics of Religious Freedom
Oct 14Career Centre: What Can I Do With My Degree? workshop
Oct 14Critical Thinking
Oct 14-16York Fall Convocation 2015
Oct 15Osgoode and York's 50th Anniversary: Balloons and M&Ms in Vari Hall
Oct 15The Emerging Role of Registered Kinesiologists in Health Care
Oct 15Your Vote 2015: A Series of Events to Help Inform Students About the 2015 Federal Election
Oct 15Collaboration and Co-production Panel Discussion
Oct 15Chemical Information: Intensive SciFinder Training
Oct 15Career Conversations: Alumni Perspectives on Further Education Options in Health Care
Oct 15Ahead of Paris: The Role of Science in Shaping the Future Climate Policy
Oct 15Time Management
Oct 15Live Music Night at The Underground Campus Kitchen with Artist Jurell Lewars
Oct 16PIER Consultation Workshop
Oct 16Career Centre: Getting Started on Your Personal Statement workshop
Oct 16Presentation Skills
Oct 16Vocal Masterclass with tenor Darryl Edwards
Oct 18The Ashley Plays
Oct 19Life in Law School
Oct 19Career Centre: Writing a CV or Resumé for Your Post-Grad Application workshop
Oct 19Exam Prep
Oct 19Secrets of Academic Success
Oct 19Music @ Midday: Classical Instrumental Concert
Oct 19-30"Streaming Connections": An Exhibition by Claire Scott
Oct 20ACMAPS Fall 2015 Open House
Oct 20Hegemony and Legal Pluralism in International Criminal Law
Oct 20Career Conversations with Children's Studies Grads
Oct 20Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: Aurelia Education
Oct 20CineSiege 2015: A Juried Showcase of York Film
Oct 20Get on Track
Oct 20Time Management
Oct 20Music @ Midday: Student Showcase
Oct 20Trivia Night
Oct 21How to get into Physio/Occupational Therapy (SOS)
Oct 21Your Vote 2015: A Series of Events to Help Inform Students About the 2015 Federal Election
Oct 21Career Centre: Suit Yourself: Personality and Career Choice workshop
Oct 21Career Centre: Resumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop
Oct 21Math & Science Problem Solving Skills (Learning Skills)
Oct 21Math & Science Study Tips
Oct 21Procrastination/Motivation
Oct 21Procrastination Workshop
Oct 22Encountering Asia: Undergraduate Experiences from Study Abroad Courses in Thailand and South Korea
Oct 22How to Apply to Graduate School: A Workshop
Oct 22The Black Social Economy: Banker Ladies and Money Pools in the Americas
Oct 22Music @ Midday: Gospel Joy Choir
Oct 22Graduate & Professional Studies Expo (GPSE): Financing Graduate Studies, Professional Programs and Repaying your OSAP Loan
Oct 22Graduate & Professional Studies Expo (GPSE): Getting into an MBA Program Panel
Oct 22Graduate & Professional Studies Expo (GPSE): Getting into a Teacher Education Program Panel
Oct 22Graduate & Professional Studies Expo (GPSE): Getting into Law School Panel
Oct 22Graduate & Professional Studies Expo (GPSE) 2015
Oct 22Writing Tips
Oct 22Improv Soirée
Oct 22-24A Streetcar Named Desire studio performance
Oct 24G.I.V.E Gospel Inter-Varsity Explosion
Oct 26Career Centre: Making Degree Choices: The Other People Factor webinar
Oct 26Career Centre: Transferring Skills from Academe to the Workplace for Graduate Students workshop
Oct 26Memory
Oct 27Bibliographic Citation Management with Mendeley & Zotero
Oct 27Finding Books Workshop
Oct 27Finding Journal Articles Workshop
Oct 27Sport as a Springboard for Improved International Relations: Insights from the Pan Am Games
Oct 27Exam Prep
Oct 27Procrastination/Motivation
Oct 27Music @ Midday: Singing our Songs
Oct 27Trivia Night
Oct 27Procrastination Workshop
Oct 27History of Indigenous Peoples, Fall 2015
Oct 28Gestion de références bibliographiques avec Mendeley et Zotero
Oct 28Using Mendeley for Citations and Bibliographies (Library Services)
Oct 28Career Conversations with Grads who Write
Oct 28Exam Prep
Oct 28Exam Prep for University Tests and Exams (Learning Skills)
Oct 28Stress Management Workshop
Oct 29Manager Onboarding: Absence Management @ York (OBMAMY)
Oct 29Graduate Information Session
Oct 29Get on Track
Oct 30PIER Consultation Workshop
Oct 30Career Centre: Translating a CV to a Resume workshop (for Masters and PhD students)
To Apr 30TASTE (Take a Student to Eat) Mentoring Lunches for Students
To Dec 31Staff Bible Study
To Dec 20Faculty and Staff Bible Study Meeting
To Nov 30Hatha Yoga @ Winters College
To Nov 26Career Centre: Drop-in Hours at the Learning Commons in Scott Library (Tues & Thurs)
Oct 13-16'Everything You Treasure -- For a World Free from Nuclear Weapons,' an Exhibition Presented by CHR
Oct 19-Nov 30Disordered Eating & Body Image Group
Oct 29Master of Social Work Information Session