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Upcoming Events for March 2017

Mar 1Apparatus Book Launch at York University Bookstore
Mar 1Ecological Economics with Speaker Alvaro Palazuelos
Mar 1Meet the TAs
Mar 1The Trump Transition
Mar 1CFR Presents: David K. Seitz
Mar 1Time Management Workshop
Mar 1Undergraduate Research Fair
Mar 1Yoga @ Winters College
Mar 1Introducing Critical Analysis
Mar 2Department of Anthropology Annual Lecture: Audra Simpson
Mar 2Finding Scholarly Sources
Mar 2Why Good Government Means Good Health-Care Policy - Public Policy & Administration Annual Lecture
Mar 2Reading and Note-taking Workshop
Mar 2Lunch & Lean Event: Accountability in Malaria Prevention
Mar 2Human Rights Professional Development Training for York Staff and Graduate Students
Mar 2All You Need Is An Umbrella: Writing Skills To Organize Your Essay Ideas And Content
Mar 2Putting the Focus on the Results of Government Programs
Mar 2Leveraging Social Media for Career Success with Lina Duque
Mar 3Playoff Men's Hockey vs. Windsor Lancers
Mar 3Learning Lounge
Mar 3Migrant Exclusion: The Case of Domestic Workers in the Middle East
Mar 4Men's Volleyball Quarter Finals vs. Waterloo Warriors
Mar 4Experience Schulich - Master Your Future
Mar 6Commercialization and Entrepreneurship in Neuroscience
Mar 6Career Centre: Educator Information Session: University of Westminster
Mar 6Climate Change Lawsuits Are Here. Are You Ready?
Mar 6Time Management Workshop
Mar 6From Dark to Light: Illuminating the Critically Missing History of Illustration
Mar 6Biology Seminar Series: Dr. Alberto Martin, Department of Immunology, University of Toronto
Mar 7Are Environmentalists Hysterical or Paranoid? Metaphors of Care and Nature Conservation
Mar 7Ariel Smith (Nehiyaw) Will Speak in Canadian Writers in Person
Mar 7Career Centre: Educator Information Session: Canada Law From Abroad
Mar 7Educator Information Session: Florida Coastal School of Law
Mar 7CFR Presents: Deleuze and Guattari, Feminism and Queer Theory: An Introductory Workshop
Mar 7Presentation Skills Workshop
Mar 7Writing Tips Workshop
Mar 7Writing Tips Workshop
Mar 7Capturing the Web Today for Tomorrow: Innovations in Capturing & Analyzing Social Media & Websites
Mar 7Theorizing the Relationship Between Social Rights and Markets in Regional Integration Projects
Mar 8Managing Academic Stress (Learning Skills)
Mar 8Managing Academic Stress (Learning Skills)
Mar 8Research in Physics
Mar 8Research in Physics
Mar 8International Women's Day Roundtable
Mar 8Managing Academic Stress
Mar 8Ethical Issues as Seen Through the Eyes of an Academically Inclined Administrator
Mar 8Yoga @ Winters College
Mar 8The Importance of Filing a Tax Return and Tax Clinic
Mar 8Disasters & Disaster Management: Critical Issues of Planetary Resources Across The Ocean
Mar 9Critical Thinking Series
Mar 9Critical Thinking Workshop
Mar 10FES Research Celebration and Symposium
Mar 10Imposter Syndrome Workshop for Undergraduate Students
Mar 10Imposter Syndrome Workshop for Faculty and Staff
Mar 10Learning Lounge
Mar 13Reading and Note-taking Workshop
Mar 14Film in Politics/Politics in Film: From a Battleship Potemkin to Captain America
Mar 14Critical Thinking Workshop
Mar 14Get On Track Workshop
Mar 14Film in Politics/Politics in Film: From Battleship Potemkin to Captain America
Mar 14The Annual Jean-Gabriel Castel Lecture Series Presents: 'International Law: A Political Perspective'
Mar 15Bethune College's SOS Team Open House
Mar 15Exam Prep for University Tests and Exams (Learning Skills)
Mar 15Exam Prep for University Tests and Exams (Learning Skills)
Mar 15SOS Open House
Mar 15Creative Writing Reading Series Presents Karen Solie
Mar 15Exam Prep Workshop
Mar 15Ninth Floor
Mar 15Life Drawing
Mar 15Yoga @ Winters College
Mar 16Foundational Grounds in Crisis: Classical Philosophy, East and West with Professor Jay Goulding
Mar 16Managing Academic Stress Workshop
Mar 17Learning Lounge
Mar 202017 Melville-Nelles-Hoffmann Lecture in Environmental History: Sara Pritchard
Mar 20Critical Thinking Workshop
Mar 21Managing Academic Stress Workshop
Mar 22Violence on the Land, Violence on our Bodies: Supporting Indigenous Feminist Land/Body Defenders
Mar 22Exam Prep Workshop
Mar 23Red & White Day
Mar 23Black Autonomy. Race, Gender and Afro-Nicaraguan Activism. Talk by Jennifer Goett
Mar 23Get On Track Workshop
Mar 23Memory Workshop
Mar 23CETA: A New Framework For International Trade or The Last of Its Kind?
Mar 24Learning Lounge
Mar 27English Department: How To Do Things With Books Featuring Stephen Orgel
Mar 27Managing Academic Stress Workshop
Mar 28Reading in the University: A Collegial Conversation About Les Back's Academic Diary
Mar 28Exam Prep Workshop
Mar 28Get On Track Workshop
Mar 28AMPD World Cafe
Mar 29Thriving in the University: A Public Lecture by Dr. Les Back on Why Higher Education Still Matters
Mar 29Managing Academic Stress Workshop
Mar 29Memory Workshop
Mar 30Exam Prep Workshop
Mar 31Learning Lounge