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Events for November 2015

Nov 2Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: Natural Resources Canada
Nov 2Career Centre: Understanding the Personal Statement workshop
Nov 2Math & Science Study Tips Session
Nov 2Time Management
Nov 3Zotero 101 Workshop
Nov 3Writing Tips
Nov 3Challenging Negative Thinking to Improve Mood Workshop
Nov 4Career Centre: What Can I Do With My Degree? workshop
Nov 4Career Centre: Job Search Strategies that Work workshop (for International Students)
Nov 4Are You 'The One' For Me? Workshop
Nov 4Effective Academic Strategies for Students from ESL Backgrounds
Nov 5Career Centre: Educator Information Session: University of Toronto (MMPA)
Nov 5Career Centre: Employer-led Resume Feedback Sessions: IBM
Nov 5Career Centre: Resumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop
Nov 5Career Centre: Job Search Success for New Grads: Job Search Strategies that Work workshop
Nov 5Critical Thinking
Nov 5Presentation Skills
Nov 5Workshop: Breaking Out of Your Shell, Part I
Nov 5Life Drawing Workshop
Nov 5How to Develop a Thesis
Nov 9Effective Library Research Skills for Graduate Students in Education and Social Sciences
Nov 9Career Centre: Who Am I? Self Assessment Game workshop for students with disabilities
Nov 9Career Centre: Twitter Career Chat (#yucareerchat): Why Volunteer?
Nov 9Exam Preparation
Nov 10Career Conversations with Computer Science Grads
Nov 10Career Centre: Educator Information Session: The Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS)
Nov 10Career Centre: Selecting a Post-Grad Program workshop (at Scott Library)
Nov 10Career Centre: Résumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop (for International Students)
Nov 10Career Centre: Dining Etiquette workshop
Nov 10York Postdoctoral Fellowships Program Information Session
Nov 10Exam Preparation
Nov 10Building Resilience Workshop
Nov 10Sentence Flow: Moving Your Essay from Sentence to Sentence, Paragraph to Paragraph
Nov 11Career Centre: Educator Information Session:
Nov 11Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: Bell Canada Inc.
Nov 11Career Centre: Who Am I? Self Assessment Game workshop
Nov 11Test Anxiety
Nov 11Test Anxiety (Learning Skills)
Nov 11Writing Tips
Nov 11Test Anxiety Workshop
Nov 11Workshop: The Language of Love
Nov 11Origami Workshop
Nov 11Essay Writing from the Inside Out
Nov 12Volunteer Fair 2015
Nov 12Learning Style
Nov 12Workshop: Breaking Out of Your Shell, Part II
Nov 12Eliminating Basic Sentence Errors
Nov 13Career Centre: Organizing Your Post-Grad Application workshop (at Scott Library)
Nov 13Managing Academic Stress
Nov 14Workshop in Social Impact Analysis
Nov 16Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: Engage Education
Nov 16Career Centre: Making a Great First Impression in Your Interview and Beyond workshop
Nov 16Career Centre: Resumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop
Nov 16Reading & Note Taking
Nov 17Career Centre: Suit Yourself: Personality and Career Choice workshop
Nov 17Memory
Nov 17Mindful Ways to Manage Emotions Workshop
Nov 17Developing a Career in Advertising, Journalism and Broadcasting
Nov 18The Department of Humanities Career Day
Nov 18Career Centre: How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn (at Bethune College)
Nov 18Secrets of Academic Success
Nov 18Department of Humanities Career Day
Nov 18Workshop: Breaking Up Without Breaking Down
Nov 19Time Management
Nov 19Workshop: Breaking Out of Your Shell, Part III
Nov 19Great Opportunities Abroad and in Canada
Nov 20Academic Integrity Workshop
Nov 20Career Centre: Writing a CV or Resumé for Your Post-Grad Application workshop
Nov 23Career Centre: Educator Information Session: D'Youville College School of Pharmacy
Nov 23Exam Prep
Nov 23Test Anxiety
Nov 23Managing End of Term Stress Workshop
Nov 24Career Centre: Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile workshop (for International Students)
Nov 24Exam Prep
Nov 24Exam Prep
Nov 24Managing End of Term Stress Workshop
Nov 25Memory
Nov 25Managing End-of-Term Stress Workshop
Nov 25Life After Graduation
Nov 26Career Centre: Transferring Skills from Academe to the Workplace workshop (for PhD Students)
Nov 26Career Centre: Who Am I? Self Assessment Game workshop
Nov 26Get on Track
Nov 26Workshop: Breaking Out of Your Shell, Part IV
Nov 26Master of Social Work Information Session
Nov 27Workshop: Coping with Grief & Loss During the Holiday Season
Nov 28WEAC Fall Forum 2015: Getting a Seat and Having a Voice
Nov 30Career Centre: Translating a CV to a Resume workshop (for PhD students)
Nov 30Exam Prep Drop-in
To Nov 30Hatha Yoga @ Winters College
To Nov 24Career Centre: Drop-in Hours at the Learning Commons in Scott Library (Tues & Thurs)
To Nov 30Disordered Eating & Body Image Group