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Events for November 2014

To Nov 1Looking Inside the Corporate World: Strategic Corporate Research Workshop
Nov 3Quickr to Moodle: Transitioning to the Moodle System
Nov 3Immigration and Global Labour Mobility Talk
Nov 3Undergraduate-Graduate Special Event with Faranak Miraftab
Nov 3Planning Ahead: Applying to Graduate School and Graduate School Information Session
Nov 3Flow - A River Runs Through it: Moving your Essay from Sentence to Sentence, Paragraph to Paragraph
Nov 3Applying to MSW Program
To Dec 1Entre Margens e Memórias: Representações da Diáspora
To Nov 7Portuguese Canadian History Project Exhibit
Nov 42014 Asia Lecture: Trauma, Memory, Forgetting
Nov 4Planetary Urbanization: Cities, Heartlands and Home
Nov 4Seminar - Place Matters: Mapping Iranian Women in Tehran’s Public Spaces
Nov 4How to Apply to Graduate School
Nov 4Essays Made Easy
Nov 5Keeping Public Servants Ethical
Nov 5Moodle Training: An Introduction to Moodle
Nov 5Eliminating Basic Sentence Errors
Nov 6Planning Ahead: Applying to Graduate School and Graduate School Information Session
Nov 6Are You Thinking of Studying Abroad? A Workshop on International Opportunities at York
Nov 7'Honour Your Word' by Martha Stiegman - Planet in Focus Film Festival Screening & Discussion
Nov 7Should I Drop My Course or Keep it? Webinar
Nov 10Effective Editing
Nov 10Essay Writing: A Review of the the Basics
Nov 11A Talk by Yolande Geadah: Reasonable Accommodations and Gender Equality
Nov 11Remembering Canada's War Heroes
Nov 11Alumni & Student Speaker Series Webinar
Nov 11Jewish Studies Undergraduate Program Reception
Nov 11APA Workshop
Nov 11STS Seminar: Stuart McLean, University of Minnesota
Nov 12Encouraging Integrity and Accountability from Ontario's Elected Officials: Whose Job is it Anyway?
Nov 12Is Global Warming Hot Air?
Nov 12Quickr to Moodle: Transitioning to the Moodle System
Nov 12SE @ York Seminars: John Mylopoulos on Designing Adaptive Software Systems
Nov 12Volunteer Fair 2014
Nov 12Concept Mapping, Part 1: Make a Map, Follow Directions and Arrive at a Well-Organized Essay
Nov 13Academic Integrity Workshop (Online)
Nov 13Moodle Training: Moodle-integrated
Nov 13Panel on Municipal Elections 2014
Nov 13Knowledge Production in a Digital Age Series Presents Susan Brown
Nov 13Career Conversations: Careers in Social & Digital Media
Nov 13Becoming a Good Academic Citizen: SPARK, Your Program and You
Nov 13Constructing Citizens: Textbooks c. 1900-1937
Nov 13Roundtable with Writers
Nov 14Department of Communication Studies Fall Speaker Series 2014
Nov 14Reconfiguring Area Studies?
Nov 14Movie & Pizza Night
Nov 14Essay Drafts: From Outline to Finished Product
Nov 17Moodle Training: An Introduction to Moodle
Nov 18Quickr to Moodle: Transitioning to the Moodle System
Nov 18Tax Writeoffs for Victims of Investment Fraud, Presented by Professor Joanne Magee
Nov 18Becoming a Good Academic Citizen: Academic Integrity
Nov 18The Edit/Rewrite: The Art of Editing and Rewriting
Nov 18Film Screening: 'Letters to Angola'
Nov 19Camtasia Relay: Recording Your Lecture From Your Classroom, Home or Office
Nov 19Ethics and Toronto City Council: At the 10-year mark
Nov 19LAPS Student Awards Ceremony
To Nov 20Las Nubes Student Association 7th Annual Silent Auction
Nov 19Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: National Bank Financial Markets
Nov 19Global Labour Speaker Series 2014
Nov 19 Concept Map, Part 2: Revision Time
Nov 19Concept Map, Part 1: Make a Map, Follow Directions and Arrive at a Well-Organized Essay
Nov 19Sacred and Secular Musics: A Postcolonial Approach
Nov 20National Child Day: How Are Canadian Children Doing?
Nov 20The Courage to Pursue Your Academic Dreams -- With Plan B as a Backup, Presented by Ian Greene
Nov 20MLA Workshop
Nov 21LaMarsh Talk: Positive Parenting, Values and Children's Prosocial Behaviour in Eight Countries
Nov 21Iranian-American Relations: Prospects for Normalization
Nov 21The Japanese Art of Fascist Modernism: Yasuda Yukihiko's Arrival of Yoshitsune/Camp at Kisegawa
Nov 24LaMarsh Talk: Youth Suicide, South Asian Population
Nov 24Moodle Training: Attendance Tool
Nov 24York U Abroad Summer 2015 Information Sessions
Nov 25Book Launch: Ian Greene
Nov 25Moodle Training: Groups & Forums
Nov 25Moodle Training: Moodle-integrated
Nov 25The 'Religionless Christianity' of Mumford and Sons, Presented by Professor Jamie Scott
Nov 26Presenter: Professor James Simeon
Nov 26Security Certificates and the Politics of Exception
Nov 26Lambert Lecture on Indigenous Peoples and Neotropical Conservation
Nov 26Inaugural Lambert Lecture on Indigenous Peoples & Neotropical Conservation
Nov 26Becoming a Good Academic Citizen: Study Habits
To Dec 1Fourth Annual LA&PS and SCOLAPS United Way Online Holiday Auction
Nov 27Both Swords and Ploughshares? The Non-Military and Quasi-Military Roles of the Military
Nov 27Quickr to Moodle: Transitioning to the Moodle System
Nov 27York U Abroad Summer 2015 Information Sessions
Nov 27Canadian Imperialism: The History of the Extractive Industry in Colombia
Nov 27AAPR Community Information Session
To Apr 30TASTE (Take a Student to Eat) Mentoring Lunches for Students
Nov 4IBA Majors: It's Your Time to Study Abroad