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Events for February 2016

To Feb 18Artist Alex McKay's 'Treaty Canoe' at Osgoode Hall Law School Library
To Feb 7Vanier College Productions is Pleased to Present 'Buried Child'
Feb 1Critical Thinking Series
Feb 1Digging Roots: 'Music, Love, Politics and Nourishment'
Feb 1Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: Aurelia Education
Feb 1Career Centre: What Can I Do With My Kinesiology Degree? workshop (at Stong College)
Feb 2Why Political Science is the Best Path to Law School
Feb 2Career Conversations: Discovering Careers at Gaming Start-ups
Feb 2Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: IBM Canada Ltd
Feb 2Exam Prep
Feb 2Budgeting and Taxation for Artists
Feb 2MLA Workshop
Feb 2Job Search in 2016: The Skills Required for Success in Today's Labour Market
Feb 2Marie-Helene Budworth, 'Job Search in 2016: The Skills Required for Success in Today's Labour Market'
Feb 2Science and Technology Studies Seminar Series: Patrick Watson
Feb 3How to get into Dental School (SOS)
Feb 3Humanity First Presents: Gamers Lounge
Feb 3Career Centre: Selecting a Post-Grad Program workshop (at Scott Library)
Feb 3Not in God's Name: Religions Against Religious Violence
Feb 3Writing Tips
Feb 3How to Read with a Purpose - Critical Reading Skills in the Social Sciences and Humanities
Feb 3CERLAC Internal Speakers Series with Alejandro Zamora
Feb 4HRPA Information Session
Feb 4Litigating for Social Change
Feb 4Career Centre: Employer Recruitment Session: Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC)
Feb 4Career Centre: Who Am I? Self Assessment Game workshop (at Vanier College)
Feb 4Postgraduate Certificate Open House
Feb 4Graduate Information Session
Feb 4Reading & Note-taking
Feb 4Essays Made Easy
Feb 4The Revolution Will Be Live
Feb 5Career Centre: Organizing Your Post-Grad Application workshop (at Scott Library)
Feb 5Mining Large Graphs: Patterns, Anomalies and Fraud Detection - Prof. Christos Faloutsos (CMU)
Feb 5Time Management
Feb 5Honestly, What's the Big Deal About Academic Integrity?
Feb 5'Treaty Canoe' at Osgoode: A Dialogue
Feb 5City Seminar
Feb 5Men's Hockey: Hockey Night at Canlan
Feb 8Chroniques D’une Musulmane Indignée
Feb 8Launch Event: The Radical Left in Europe
Feb 8Nacho Night
Feb 8Memory
Feb 8Biology Seminar Series: Dr. Nicholas Mandrak, U of T Scarbororough
Feb 8Eliminating Basic Sentence Errors
To Feb 114Days4Syria
Feb 8Bibliographic Citation Management with Mendeley & Zotero (English Version) at Frost Library
Feb 9Manager Onboarding: Absence Management @ York (OBMAMY)
Feb 9Vanier College Productions Presents: 'First Comes Love, then Comes VIC'
Feb 9Career Centre: Resume & Cover Letter Writing workshop
Feb 9STAPLR DisPerSion
Feb 9Learning Style
Feb 9Presentation Skills
Feb 9Essay Drafts: From Outline to Finished Product
Feb 9Flow - A River Runs Through It: Moving Your Essay from Sentence to Sentence, Paragraph to Paragraph
Feb 10Reforming Prisons, Reforming Women: Ann Vickers and Abortion Law
Feb 10Re-politicizing State Sovereignty in Global Governance
Feb 10Career Centre: Understanding the Personal Statement workshop
Feb 10Festive Luncheon
Feb 10Procrastination/Motivation
Feb 10Organizing your Best Essay: How to Structure Essays Effectively
Feb 10Gestion de références bibliographiques avec Mendeley et Zotero at Frost Library
Feb 10Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Info Session and Glendon Launch of YU Syria Response & Refugee Initiative
Feb 12Career Centre: Getting Started on Your Personal Statement workshop
Feb 12Critical Thinking
Feb 12Effective Editing Workshop
Feb 17-18Steacie Library Hackfest
Feb 17Career Centre: Writing a CV or Resumé for Your Post-Grad Application workshop
Feb 17Career Centre: Making a Great First Impression in Your Interview and Beyond workshop
Feb 17Les Tablettistes 2016
Feb 22Exam Prep
Feb 22The Edit/Rewrite: 'The Art of Editing and Rewriting'
Feb 22The Idea of Private International Law
Feb 23Career Conversations: Alternative Career Options in Health Care
Feb 23Career Centre: Educator Information Session: Studying Law in England
Feb 23Career Centre: Transferring Skills from Academe to the Workplace workshop (for PhD students)
Feb 23Career Centre: What Can I Do With My Social Science Degree? webinar (online)
Feb 23Math & Science Study Tips
Feb 23Time Management
Feb 23What do Professors Want? Understanding the Language of Academic Assignments
Feb 24Career Centre: Job Search Strategies that Work workshop (at Bethune College)
Feb 24Reading & Note-taking
Feb 24Strategic Essay Writing - Effective Introductions/Conclusions
Feb 24An Empire Stages Back: Nationalism, Postcoloniality and the Diaspora in Philippine Dance
Feb 24Enforced Disappearances, Mass Graves and the Politics of DNA in Lebanon
Feb 25The Perfect Pitch - Competition with Prizes!
Feb 25Career Conversations: Leveraging your STEM PhD Outside of Academia (for PhD students and postdocs)
Feb 25Career Centre: Resume & Cover Letter Writing workshop
Feb 25Graduate Information Session
Feb 25Presentation Skills
Feb 25Budgeting and Taxation for Artists
Feb 25APA Workshop
Feb 25Essay Writing 101
Feb 26LLS Speaker Series: Professional Assertiveness: An Introduction to "Verbal Judo" Concepts & SAFER Interactions (LLSVJO)
Feb 26Career Centre: Educator Information Session: University of Buckingham
Feb 26Career Centre: Translating a CV to a Resume workshop (for PhD students)
Feb 29Call for Abstracts: Second Annual GRASP Research Symposium - Innovations in Public Health
Feb 29Writing Tips
Feb 29Osgoode Postdoc Talks
To Dec 20Faculty and Staff Bible Study Meeting
To Mar 31Career Centre: Drop-in Hours at the Learning Commons in Scott Library (Tues & Thurs)
To Apr 5Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - V2
To Apr 6A Noon Hour of Mindfulness Practice