Harriet's Daughter
The Underground Railroad Game


Welcome to the HARRIET'S DAUGHTER: UNDERGROUND RAILROAD GAME. You and up to four players will be playing on Harriet's team as runaway slaves trying to escape the schoolyard and reach the finish line with enough passes. You'll race through Toronto collecting fragments of a pass until you have enough to make a complete pass. Stopping you are the teams of Slave Hunters and Hunting Dogs which will be roaming the map ready to confiscate your ill­gotten passes and send you back to the start location. But if you work together trading fragments you can all get enough passes to reach the finish line, or you can turn on them taking the passes you've acquired and finishing the game before the others slow you down. You can download and print the Instructions for future reference HERE.

Print off the following components:

Set up instructions:

  1. Shuffle the Hunter Deck Face­down
  2. Shuffle the Player Deck face­down
  3. Draw two cards from the Player Deck.
  4. Place two Hunter Tokens on their indicated spaces
  5. Draw two cards form the Player Deck. Place two Dog Tokens on their indicated spaces
  6. Place the player tokens at the Start location
  7. Place the Slave Passes near the playing board in reach of the players.

Taking Turns

Player Turn

On the player's turn they will take four actions. Each actions can be any of the following

  1. Move one Space ­ The player may move his token to any adjacent space along the black path lines. If the player's path is instead a yellow line they may move to any space that is also on a yellow line.
  2. Search for Pass Fragment ­ The player may spend one action to draw a card from the Player Deck
  3. Collect a Pass ­ If the player has three pass fragments and is currently located in a region of the map matching the same color. They may turn in the fragments to collect that region's pass.
  4. Exchange fragments ­ The player may offer to trade a single fragment to another player, who is within a single space, in exchange for a single fragment of a different color. If offer is accepted the two fragments exchange hands.

After the player complete their turn they will complete a hunter turn.

Hunter Turn

  1. The active player draws one card from the Hunter Deck. Move the Hunter and/or the Dog accordingly.
  2. If the Hunter team occupies the same space as a slave that slave has been captured*.

*Captured Slaves lose one full pass. If they do not have a full pass they lose 1/2 (rounded down) of their pass fragments (Pass or Fragments choosen are selected by the targeted player).

End of Game

The game will enter the final round when one player reaches the finish position and uses one action to turn in three completed passes.

After one person has reached the goal. All other players are given one more turn with six actions instead of four.

After the final round any players that have reached the goal have won the game.



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