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Istvan Kantor

In the early 1970's York University acquired, through purchases and donations, a number of large-scale works of art by prominent sculptors such as Alexander Calder, Anthony Caro, Hugh LeRoy, Mark di Suvero and George Rickey. These works were permanently installed on the campus grounds. Our goal today is to build on this important nucleus, enabling artists of our own day to create new works through the sponsorship of site-sensitive installations for locations across the York University campus. A step in this direction has lately been made in commissioning works by Jocelyne Alloucherie, Enzo Cucchi, Rodney Graham, Brian Groombridge, Susan Schelle and Liz Magor.

The Art Gallery of York University is committed to enriching the cultural and intellectual environment of the university. We believe that the creative energies and interventions of contemporary artists can enhance York's environment, giving a prominent place to art within the university.

Enabling art to find a public role and to interact with the natural and the constructed environments seems important today. Creating public spaces that are transformative, that can stimulate the imagination by speaking to many diverse uses and users, is a guiding principle for the development of the York University sculpture collection.

Our thanks are extended to Geraldine Parent, for her research and assistance. All photographs are by Isaac Applebaum, except where indicated. The Art Gallery of York University gratefully acknowledges the Canada Council's Programming Assistance to Public Art Museums and Galleries, and York University's Communications Department, the Office of the Vice-President (External Relations) and the Office of the Vice-President (Campus Relations/Student Affairs) for their generous contributions. The Art Gallery is supported by the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of North York, the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, and York University.

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