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Anthony Caro
Crisscross Flats, 1974

Anthony Caro, one of Britain's foremost sculptors, accepted an invitation from York University during the 1973/74 academic year to work as an artist-in-residence. This invitation subsequently led to a period of intense work by Caro and his assistants at York Steel, where the cutting and creation of work occurred during the spring of 1974. Over the next year, 35 works underwent processes of assembling, fabricating, reworking and finishing on the York University Campus.

Caro's process of welding large sheets of raw steel and prefabricated fragments allows the nature of the materials and techniques to guide the elements of composition. Ignoring the tradition f the "pedestal," Caro uses the ground as his base in order to involve the spectator more intimately in the sculptor's space.

Crisscross Flats was donated by the artist to the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1976 in recognition of the cooperation they provided for the 1974 sculpture project.

British, b. 1924
rusted and varnished steel
3.03 x 4.1 x 1.25 m


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