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Mark Di Suvero
Sticky Wicket, 1978

American artist Mark Di Suvero emerged as a major sculptor in the early 1960s with the second generation of Abstract Expressionists. His degree in philosophy from the University of California, coupled with his studies at the California School of Fine Art, seems to infuse his sculpture with a subtle sense of spirituality.

Di Suvero sought to bring sculpture out of the confines of the studio, gallery and museum into outdoor space. Celebrating industrial images and materials, critics surmise that Di Suvero's sense of monumental scale springs from the grandeur of the California landscape, San Fransisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. His work hinges on the fragile balance and tension between heavy girders, turnbuckles and cables.

Di Suvero executed Sticky Wicket during the 10th International Sculpture Conference at York University in 1978. This five day event assembled critics, art historians and artists from various corners of the world. In 1979, Sticky Wicket was donated to York University by the artist.

American, b. 1933
welded and painted steel, cables
6.71 x 13.7 x 4.27 m


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