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Biskaabiiyaang: Indigenous Resurgence



Biskaabiiyaang is an Indigenous-led and designed real-time, fully immersive language and culture program delivered in a virtual world learning environment. Through Biskaabiiyaang, learners interact with Indigenous land-based knowledge, technologies, philosophies, cultural teachings, and Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe Language).

The project is a partnership with Nokiiwin Tribal Council, representing five First Nations communities in Northern Ontario, and CNDG, a global leader in creating Virtual Learning Environments. Through its collaborative partnerships, Biskaabiiyaang is also a living archive of Indigenous knowledge, embedding community Elders’ teachings, language, and Indigenous sciences in an interactive experiential virtual world.

As an open-world platform, learners and instructors can freely explore the region, engaging with topics suitable to a wide range of Indigenous content. The project is led by Anishinaabe professor Maya Chacaby (Glendon, Sociology). To learn more about Biskaabiiyaang, please click here.

Project Lead

Maya Chacaby



Funding Priority

eLearning, Experiential Education