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Healthy Campus (Phase 1) – Mental Health Outreach, Education Awareness


Grounded within the ecological model and based on the understanding that the need to serve the whole student is not about promoting and delivering individual programs and services within a silo structure, the healthy campus approach looks at new ways to support our students through the built and psycho-social campus environment. Put simply, a Healthy Campus recognizes that an exceptional academic experience must be grounded in working with students holistically.

Recognizing that mental wellness is a major driver of academic success this project focused on the development of numerous pan university wide collaborations that support peer mentors, faculty, staff and students' family members, in their quest to support their students' success. Some of the key initiatives that will take place include faculty and staff training in recognizing and referring students dealing with mental health issues, organizing a mental health conference aimed at York's numerous and exception peer mentor programs, creating and implementing a pan university wide campaign to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, and implementing several new programs aimed at building communities of support within the student population.

Project Lead(s)

Leah State, Student Community Leadership Development

Funding Priority

Student Experience