Borneo Orangutan Survival, Canada (BOS Canada):  Canadian charitable organization devoted to contributing

                to the protection of orangutans and their native habitat. 

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Indonesia (BOS) (Yayasan Penyelamatan Orangutan Borneo). 

                Indonesia-based non-profit NGO, dedicated to the protection of orangutans and their habitat

                through the involvement of local people. Focus:  orangutan rehabilitation and reintroduction,

                protection of wild orangutans and other native wildlife, local education and development

Orangutan Conservancy (OC):  American nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of orangutans

                and their habitat.  Provides funding and other support to projects throughout Malaysia and Indonesia.

Orangutan Foundation International. Orangutan NGO in the USA, UK, and Indonesia

Orangutan Network:  information site in support of orangutan fieldworkers, to facilitate meaningful

                comparisons across orangutan populations (e.g., standardizing activities)

Sumatran Orangutan Society

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP):  NGO devoted to protecting the Sumatran

                orangutan.  Via SOCP, the PanEco Foundation and its partners, the Frankfurt Zoological

                Society (FZS) and the Foundation for a Sustainable Ecosystem (YEL) have established a

                programme for reintroducing ex-captive Sumatran orangutans to free forest life.

GrungyApe, Ink.  offers scientific articles, news, facts, photos, etc. on Bohorok Rehabilitation Center

International Association for Primate Refuges and Sanctuaries:  alphabetized list of addresses and

                other contact info for primate sanctuaries around the world.

Primate Society of Great Britain

Primatelit:  online searchable database for primatology literature, from 1940 to the present.  The best

                one-stop shop for publications on anything you ever wanted to know about primates.  Can

                now be linked to major institutional libraries to locate nearby copies

Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, University of Wisconsin (Madison).  Comprehensiive

                searchable databases including Primate Info Net (PIN), World directory of primatologists,

                Primatelit (above), Primate center Library, and Audiovisual Archive.

Washington Regional Primate Research Center, University of Washington.  Contains the Primate

                Information Center, a state of the art bibliographic indexing service for scientific literature

                on all aspects of nonhuman primate research.



ABCNEWS:  20/20:  Saving Endangered Orangutan

ABCNEWS:  Economics Menace Orangutans

CBC:  National Online:  Borneo is Burning

Discovery Online:  The Ape Crusade:  Saving the Orangutans of Indonesia:  Info on recovery efforts,

            baby poaching, Wanariset, Camp Leakey, and logging and firest (with photos)

Environment News Service:  Orangutans 20 Years from Extinction

National Geographic News:  Orangutans Edging Closer to Brink of Extinction

PBS:  Saving the Orangs - Anne Russon describes why working to save the orangutan is important




Google Earth

Indonesian Fire Maps

Map of South East Asia:  (Map by ReliefWeb) shows the position of Indonesia relative to SE Asia

Sumatra deforestation:  Puts precise maps of deforestation over Sumatra, using Google Earth




Asean Haze Action Online:  information about haze and pollution resulting from Indonesian forest fires.

The Context for Community Forestry in Indonesia

GAIA Forest Conservation Archives:  Indonesia Rainforest Conservation Documents

            Up-to-date and archived information on logging, fires, and the state of Indonesia's forests.  

Global Forest Watch:  Indonesia's Forests in Brief

Tree and Shrub Genera of Borneo: Descriptions and images of Bornean tree and shrub species.




alloprimate:  interactive non-human primate mailing list




Bushmeat Project

The Earth Times:  Extinction Rates Continue to Increase:  On threatened species in Indonesia


General Overview of Indonesia

IUCN Primate Specialist Group website (with documents, journals, and other good stuff)

Jane Goodall Institute 

Nature Conservation in Indonesia

NetVet:  veterinary resources on a broad range of topics.  A primates section is provided.  

TIME.com:  Earth Day 2000:  Condition Critical:  UN assessment of Earth's ecosystems

U.N.:  Natural Resource Aspects of Sustainable Development in Indonesia 

WorldMedicus:  searchable medical database with a section on orangutans (pongo pygmaeus).




Free Library Online:  Free, full-text books and articles

Statistics online:  Web pages that perform statistical calculations



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