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Academic Innovation Fund Steering Committee

The Academic Innovation Fund Steering Committee reviews project interim & final reports as well as the process for all funding proposals.


  • William Gage, Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning (Chair)
  • Traci Warkentin, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream & Environmental Sustainability Ed Coordinator, Faculty of Environmental Studies Representative
  • Vinitha Gengatharan, Executive Director, York International
  • Genevieve Maheux-Pelletier, Director, Teaching Commons, Resource Partner Representative
  • Donald Ipperciel, Chief Information Officer, University Information Technology, Resource Partner Representative
  • Laura McKinnon, Assistant Professor, Biology, Glendon College
  • Iris Epstein, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health
  • Karthiga Sandrasri, Program Director, Teaching and Learning Strategic Initiatives, Office of the AVP Teaching & Learning
  • Lara Ubaldi, Director, Student Advising & Academic Services, Office of the Vice-Provost Students
  • Kathleen Winningham, Director, YU Experience Hub, Resource Partner Representative