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York research lab gets Jeopardy shout out

York research lab gets Jeopardy shout out

Lion’s everywhere (or at least those watching Jeopardy) beamed with pride when a contestant chose Boredom for $1200 and the host asked, "This Boredom Lab is part of the psychology department at York University in this Canadian city.”

The answer of course was Toronto, but this question brought the Boredom Lab into the limelight. The Boredom Lab is a team of collaborative researches led by Dr. John Eastwood. They are dedicated to conducting purposeful research and deepening the understanding of boredom through a range of psychological research methodologies that have real world implications.

“We strive to make our research findings broadly accessible, pursue projects with real world implications, and dialogue with people outside of the research world. Our lab trains the next generation of psychological researchers: in the Boredom Lab, students adopt a skeptical, thoughtful, and growth-oriented mindset where scientific rigor, creativity, real-world relevance, and a multiplicity of methods and theory become second nature.”

Now that doesn’t sound boring at all. Learn more about the Boredom Lab.

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