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York University Becomes “Living Lab” for Next Generation of Electric Vehicles

York University Becomes “Living Lab” for Next Generation of Electric Vehicles

Auto magnate Frank Stronach, a former governor of York University, has partnered with York University to transform the University’s campuses into a living lab for the next generation of electric vehicles. Along with Lassonde School of Engineering Professor Andrew Maxwell, who is the Bergeron Chair in Technology Entrepreneurship, they have brought the concept of  SARIT (Safe, Affordable, Reliable, Innovative Transit) vehicles to life.  

When Stronach announced his intention to launch a tiny three-wheeled electric commuter car to reduce greenhouse gases, ease traffic jams and solve parking problems, Maxwell saw an opportunity to make this a flagship research project. 

This initiative has had tangible effects, creating research opportunities for faculty and students, experiential learning, co-ops and potential jobs. It is also helping York to fulfill its commitment to building a more sustainable world. In fact, the SARIT project aligns with York’s demonstrated commitment to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, for which the University was recently ranked in the Top 35 among the world’s universities on the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings

Beyond sustainability, the SARIT also has the potential to “democratize” transportation because of their low cost and potential for use by people with disabilities. 

Learn more about the partnership that makes the SARIT project possible and the students that are working to create positive change and right the future through this innovative initiative.