RESPONSE REQUIRED: please confirm your residence plans

RESPONSE REQUIRED: please confirm your residence plans

On March 17, we sent out an email asking you to let us know what you were planning to do with respect to staying in or leaving residence. If you missed the deadline of Wednesday, March 18, we really need you to confirm your plans so that we can provide assistance or reassign your room to another student to facilitate self-isolation.

If you’re an international student or if you have extenuating circumstances and have not completed the form, please do so as soon as you can so we can offer support if needed. We may be able to help with travel funds/arrangements, help you move out, provide assistance with connecting you to resources.

In the meantime, practice social distancing:

  • Remain at least six feet apart from other people; stay home and only go out for the absolute essential needs like food and medicine; doing your non-perishable grocery shopping online).
  • Restrict or eliminate contact with others living in residence, including meal times, washroom breaks etc.
  • Connect with friends and family virtually (Facebook groups/chat, Facetime, video calls, etc.).
  • Stock up on non-perishable food to have supplies on hand and keep a supply of healthy snacks in the cupboard.
  • Set up a buddy system in which you agree to check in on each other.
  • If you do become ill, stay in your residence room and contact Toronto Public Health or your doctor/medical clinic for direction. Please notify

Thank you for your consideration,

Residence Life and Housing & Conference Services