Update from Senate regarding petitions and doctors’ notes

Update from Senate regarding petitions and doctors’ notes

As communicated on March 13, 2020, Senate Executive has agreed to waive until further notice the requirement for students to submit a doctors’ note or Attending Physician’s Statement in support of a request for deferred standing or petitions. The Executive Committee’s decision is posted here.

Petitions Committees are asked to exercise leniency and flexibility when considering petitions and to no longer expect completed Attending Physician’s Statements as backup in support of petitions submitted on grounds of health or medical circumstances. This includes petition matters that are not directly related to COVID-19.

The University recognizes that students may be required to care for ill relatives and may be seeking academic accommodation through petitions if their ability to attend or complete courses is affected. In such circumstances, Senate applies the principles of academic integrity, fairness to students and timely information.

Senate is also asking directors/supervisors to exercise leniency and flexibility in response to student requests for extension of deadlines for course assignments or a deferred date to write a class test.

Stay safe, stay engaged in your studies and practise physical distancing,

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students