York University COVID-19 Screening Protocol

York University COVID-19 Screening Protocol

On March 31, the University communicated its protocol for Self Disclosure of COVID-19 Symptoms to the York community which referenced a COVID-19 screening questionnaire to be used to screen anyone wishing to come on York campuses.

This communication provides you with more detailed information about how you and others can return to campus if absolutely necessary; and how the screening protocol will be used to help keep the health and safety of York community members top priority from possible exposure to COVID-19.

IMPORTANT: The COVID-19 screening process is passive and does not require you to submit your questionnaire. In addition, no personal information will be collected as part of the screening process.

  1. General Public
    York’s website(s) will include a notice to visitors that they are not to visit York campuses if they do not meet any of the criteria listed in the COVID-19 screening questionnaire.
  2. Students picking up belongings
    Students are required to reach out to Housing Services to request a return to campus to retrieve their personal belongings left in residence. When these arrangements are being made, the COVID-19 screening questionnaire must be completed.Student(s) answering “yes” to any of the questions will be asked to not visit our campuses until a later date when you are able to re-assess according to the screening protocol and respond no to all questions.
  3. Students moving into residence
    At this time, students will not be permitted to move into residence unless there are extenuating circumstance. A sub-committee has been established to specifically review these requests which will be assessed on a case by cases basis.OSCR will become the primary point of contact and these students will be screened, prior to move-in to help determine the appropriate accommodations necessary, to maintain the health and safety of the live-in community support as required.
  4. Tenants moving into the York Apartments
    Tenants scheduled to moving into the York Apartments will be provided the COVID-19 screening questionnaire in advance to the commencement of a lease agreement. These letters will be issued by York Housing Services. If lease holders answer “yes” to any of the screening questions, the Emergency Operations Centre TPH Liaison will contact Toronto Public Health for further guidance and direction.
  5. Contractors and the Delivery of Goods
    Access to York Campuses is strictly limited. Contractors and vendors who are permitted to attend for work purposes on campus under the Province’s emergency regulations will be notified of York’s expectations for that attendance. Letters including the COVID-19 screening questionnaire will be issued by the hiring department.
  6. Non-required staff
    Staff required to have continued access to York’s campus buildings were included in a separate listing and previously approved through their departments/faculties. A process exists within in each faculty/department for visiting campus if necessary, as part of their business continuity plans.

Remember to do your part. Stay apart.

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students