Community Update #6 - Toronto in Stage 3 – What it means for York

Community Update #6 - Toronto in Stage 3 – What it means for York

Dear Colleagues,

Now that Toronto has joined the rest of the GTA in moving to Stage 3, I wanted to write with an update on what it means for York. As always, our first priority is the health and safety of the entire York community.

As the pandemic is ongoing, public health guidelines are still determining how businesses, services, and spaces are able to gradually reopen. Universities also continue to work with government on the interpretation of the public health guidelines for higher education. With advice from our Emergency Operations Committee, work is being undertaken to assess how we can best comply with the guidelines for our campuses including how to maintain physical distancing and adhere to the limits regarding the number of people gathered in spaces. Immediate priorities include responding to requests for increased access to labs and offices that are required for colleagues to support the core teaching and research activities of the University. Plans are underway to facilitate these requests including requirements for deep cleaning prior to reopening new spaces, having adequate signage and hand sanitizers, and ensuring that systems are in place so that we stay within prescribed limits on the number of people who can congregate indoors and outdoors.

It will remain necessary for the balance of summer and into the Fall to rely on the request protocols that we have in place for anyone needing access to our campuses in order that we are able to comply with the public health guidelines. As colleagues are already aware, only a select number of courses have been approved for in-person activities in the Fall term, and we anticipate that most of our employees will continue to work remotely for the duration of the Fall term.

Exceptions for community members being on campus include:

  • Those living in residences
  • Pre-approved in-person teaching and learning for the fall term
  • Pre-approved on-site research for the summer and fall term
  • Pre-scheduled appointments with service and support providers
  • Visiting libraries for curbside pickup
  • Faculty and staff providing designated on-campus services

If you have obtained permission to be on campus, always follow the established safety protocols, including the COVID-19 Screening Checklist.

Other than the above noted exceptions, please continue to work and study remotely.

I want to thank you all once again for your patience and for your support as we work to advance the mission and vision of the University and keep our community safe.


Rhonda L. Lenton
President and Vice-Chancellor