Community Update #10 - eClass Update

Community Update #10 - eClass Update

During the past week, all Moodle undergraduate degree courses were transferred to the new reclass platform. This week, we have been fixing sporadic glitches experienced by some instructors, as well as completing graduate courses transfer. Aside from an issue with CrowdMark, for which we are waiting for CrowdMark’s input, we believe that most if not all issues have been resolved or are currently being addressed. However, we recommend that instructors log into their courses to make sure all is in good functional order. If there happens to be any issues, please report them to so that our team can take prompt corrective action before the beginning of classes.

UIT recognizes the additional stress that comes with change, especially in times of pandemic. Unfortunately, there is no perfect timing to upgrade Moodle, as instructors are either using the platform or preparing courses. This year, the update was especially needed given the increased load we are expecting in the context of remote learning. The upgrade provides a faster, more stable and more resilient platform, which reduces the likelihood of what could have been a year of growing pain points and failures, resulting in poor user experience.

We hope you will enjoy the new features and capabilities of eClass.

Warm regards,