IMPORTANT: complete the international student information form by September 10, 2020

IMPORTANT: complete the international student information form by September 10, 2020

I hope you are keeping healthy and safe this summer. Before the new academic year begins, we are requesting that all international students (new and returning) whether you are in Canada or abroad complete the international student information form by September 10, 2020.

Complete the Form

In the form, we ask you to tell us where you will be living during the Fall semester (country, and specific province if you are in Canada). This information will help us tailor services, supports and programs for international students throughout the semester. More specifically, it will ensure those that need coverage are enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), provide you with access to local counselling support services and ensure you have the proper access to technology resources.

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

UHIP is a mandatory health insurance plan that provides coverage for international students while they study in Ontario. International students are usually automatically enrolled in UHIP at the beginning of each academic year. This year, we recognize that many international students will be around the world and may not require coverage. To ensure you get the appropriate coverage and are charged appropriate fees, please fill out the International Student Info Form by September 10, 2020. In the form, we ask which country, or province for those of you in Canada you will be living in during the Fall semester. International students who do not fill out this form by September 10, 2020 will NOT be enrolled in UHIP for the Fall 2020 semester. If you need to be enrolled in UHIP after this date, please email

Start of Fall Term

As we move into a semester of online courses, we know that many of you will be missing the sense of community on campus. We are planning events, programs and opportunities so you can connect with other students, celebrate milestones together and find support. As we do each year, we’ll also be welcoming thousands of new students to York. We hope that returning students will join us in welcoming these students to our community, whether it’s through volunteering for Virtual International Student Orientation, York Orientation Day or College Orientations, joining virtual events or engaging on social media. You may find that in helping welcome new students, you’ll find a renewed sense of community in our new online world as well.

We are so glad you will be joining us this year. Don’t forget to join our virtual events for students, connect with us on social media. If you have questions, join our Student Town Halls, reach out to York International, your Faculty or any of the resources on campus.

York is a vibrant, kind and caring community and International students are a vital part of that. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again, both online and eventually back in-person.

Vinitha Gengatharan
Executive Director, York International