Community Update #39 - On Campus Research and the Stay-at-Home Order

Community Update #39 - On Campus Research and the Stay-at-Home Order

Following the last update that was shared after the release of additional restrictions by the Provincial Government, I am writing on behalf of the Research Continuity Group (RCG) to provide further guidance for on-campus research activities during the current provincial Stay-at-Home order.

At this time, the University is not further restricting access for those researchers who are already approved to attend campus for research activities, but we strongly urge them to limit their on- campus visits as much as possible as part of our collective effort to protect the health and safety of required workers at York. Only activities that are already approved for campus access and the researcher has deemed as absolutely critical, time-sensitive, and able to pose little to no risk to public/personal health should be continued.

We will be restricting new or expanded access to campus for researchers. As of April 23, 2021, no new access of continued nature, whether it be for a new research activity or for a new team member who is affiliated with a previously approved on-campus research activity, will be approved until the provincial Stay-at-Home order is relaxed. In-person and face-to-face research involving human participants remains suspended – both on or off campus – and restrictions for external research collaborators, who are still not permitted to access on-campus research facilities, remain in place.

If you or members of your research team must come to campus, please ensure that only those who absolutely need to be physically present remain for the shortest time possible, while limiting their movements to those areas where approved research is being conducted. Given rapidly changing provincial and municipal orders, researchers who continue to come onto campus during this period should be prepared for potential rapid shutdown. We remind you that the Research Spaces Shutdown Best Practice Tool designed to facilitate closure of research labs to enable a stronger return to research needs to be completed and be available at all times.

In all situations, researchers on campus are expected to follow the health and safety standards to the fullest extent. Please ensure that members of your research team are conducting their daily screening prior to coming to campus to ensure that they do not have COVID-19 symptoms, follow mask guidelines, regularly sanitize the research facilities, and maintain healthy distance from other occupants of the building.

I thank you all for your continued leadership, dedication to research and flexibility in adapting to and navigating the new circumstances of research and scholarship in these unprecedented times. For ongoing updates, please continue to monitor YU Better Together.

Amir Asif
Vice-President, Research & Innovation