Community Update #41 - Alternate Test and Exam Supports for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021

Community Update #41 - Alternate Test and Exam Supports for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021

We would like to highlight some supports that are available from the Alternate Exam & Test Centre team this summer and in the lead up to the Fall Term. If you should have any questions, relevant contact information has been included for you below.

Summer 2021 Term

The Alternate Exam & Test Centre team will be providing ongoing support for eClass for those students who require academic accommodations. This support will be available for all quizzes, tests, mid-term and final exams held during the Summer 2021 academic session. To access this support, you will need to do the following:

  1. The administrative team in the Alternate Exam & Test Centre office need to be added to your course and provided with the role of “Altexams,” which simply allows them to change quiz times with no “write access” to other areas of your course. To access this support, in eClass you need to:
  2. To create the quiz shell, please follow these steps:
    • Create the quiz where you want it to appear on your eClass site, noting that you do not need to have populated the quiz with questions (it can be empty).
    • Create the date, start and end time of the quiz and save this information.
    • Then go to the empty quiz so the URL address appears in your browser and copy the link.
    • You will need the URL so that the Alternate Exam & Test team can have direct access to the quizzes.

The steps above must be completed before you can submit an online request and this must be done a minimum of seven days before any quiz date. Note: you are always welcome to submit requests earlier.

To complete the Course Instructor eClass Support request form online, you will need to have the following information ready:

  1. Your email address and cell phone number, where you can be reached for questions or clarification;
  2. The subject, course code and section;
  3. The quiz date and start time. Note: a request must be submitted for each individual quiz date;
  4. The quiz duration (in minutes); and
  5. The URL link to quiz shell.

Once our office receives your request for support, we will process requests based on the quiz date. Once the time adjustments have been made in eClass, you will receive an email confirmation. This process will be completed no later than two business days before your quiz date. If you change the duration of your quiz less than seven days before the quiz date, we will not be able to process the change.

Here is the link to the Course Instructor eClass Support request, which can also be found on the Faculty page on the Student Accessibility Services web site. Questions about the process can be sent directly to

Fall 2021 Term

More information about Fall Term supports that will be available through the Alternate Exam & Test Centre is coming. In September, if a course runs in-person and on-campus, the Alternate Exam & Test Centre team will be able to provide support for those students to write in the Centre with their full test and exam accommodations. 

As part of our planning for the fall, the office is undertaking a full review of our processes and communications with individual course instructors. We would like to ask for feedback on your experiences with our in-person/on-campus support available before the pandemic began. Any suggestions or advice you have on how we can improve our services ahead of a return to campus, would be greatly appreciated. This brief survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.  


Lisa Philipps
Provost & Vice-President Academic

Linda West, Assistant Registrar
Accommodated Tests & Exams