ACTION REQUIRED: YU Screen Proof of Vaccination

ACTION REQUIRED: YU Screen Proof of Vaccination

READ PLEASE: We understand that some students will need to be fully vaccinated according to the new Ministry of Health guidance that is aligned with the Public Health Agency of Canada. You will be able to continue attending in-person classes or activities in the Fall 2021 term as long as you continue to provide proof of negative COVID-19 tests in a manner and at a frequency as determined by York and comply with any other health and safety requirements that York may deem necessary for 14 days after your final dose (mRNA vaccine)

York will cover the expense of providing two COVID-19 rapid antigen tests per seven-day period. Please visit the Rapid Antigen Testing Program website for information about participating in the Program, the YU Testing Clinics location and hours of operation and how to schedule an appointment online or by telephone.

You recently received an email on Ontario’s updated vaccination requirements. Ontario has introduced new requirements to be considered fully vaccinated for those who received COVID-19 vaccines outside Ontario/Canada. Please read the information below for potential action required.

  1. Ensure you meet the updated vaccination requirements  
    If you received a full series of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by Health Canada, you are considered fully vaccinated by Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

    If you received one or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine not approved by Health Canada, please ensure you read the email sent on September 21, 2021 carefully, or refer to the table below, as it includes information about additional doses you will need to ensure you are fully vaccinated as per Ontario’s requirements.

    York requires any student, staff or faculty who wishes to access its campuses to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination by October 18. This includes students who have in-person classes, want to participate in in-person activities, lives in on-campus residences, or needs to access services in-person. Those who do not get fully vaccinated will not be able to access campus or live on campus.

    If you have a valid exemption due to medical or other reasons under the Ontario Human Rights Code, go to YU Screen to upload your exemption. After submission, your vaccination record will be updated. You will also be required to complete ongoing mandatory testing and complete a vaccine education module from Sunnybrook Hospital.

    For additional information, please visit the FAQs on Better Together.
Vaccination Status Action Needed to Come to Campus 
Unvaccinated 2 doses of a Health Canada approved vaccine 
Partially Vaccinated: Received 1st dose of 2-dose vaccine Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD (Health Canada approved vaccines2nd dose of any Health Canada approved vaccine 28 days following the first dose. If the first dose is Pfizer, second dose is given 21 days later. 
Non-Health Canada approved vaccine 1 dose of an mRNA Health Canada approved vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) 
Fully Vaccinated:  
Received full series of vaccine 
Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, or Johnson & Johnson/Janssen (Health Canada approved vaccinesNo additional vaccines required. No further action required. 
Non-Health Canada approved vaccine 1 dose of an mRNA Health Canada approved vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) 
Three doses of any vaccine No additional vaccines required. No further action required. 
  1. Proof of Vaccination
    If you are partially vaccinated or your proof of vaccination is from outside of Canada, please follow the guidance below to ensure your access to the vaccine passports in Ontario.
    • Toronto Public Health website to submit COVID-19 immunization records for “out of Ontario” vaccination 
      • Please note that Toronto Public Health is experiencing a two to four week delay, but you should continue to submit your proof of vaccination online and use your paper or electronic receipts along with ID in the meantime. For more information, visit the City of Toronto’s COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination website.
      • Individuals who received COVID-19 vaccines outside of Ontario, or using non-Ontario vaccine stock (e.g. at correctional facilities, military groups, or embassies) do not have their vaccinations documented in COVaxON. Each dose provided to Ontario residents, regardless of where the dose was received, must be documented.
      • If you live in the city of Toronto and received one dose of a two-dose vaccine outside Ontario, your first dose needs to be documented before you can book your second dose. 
      • You can document individual COVID-19 vaccines or a full series through this online portal.

If you received your vaccinations in Ontario, please follow the guidance below to obtain your proof of vaccination for your vaccine passport:

  • Download COVID-19 vaccination receipts from this portal
  • Allows anyone vaccinated in Ontario with a health card to access their site for proof of vaccination.
  • A ministry of health document in PDF will be downloadable and saved.
  1. YU Screen
    You must complete and pass screening on YU Screen each time you visit campus before coming to any York campuses. When filling out the screening questionnaire, you will be asked to choose an option that describes your situation:
    • Living on-campus: Choose this option if you live in one of York’s residences (including undergrad residences and York Apartments) or The Quad. You must complete this daily.
    • Coming in-person: Choose this option if you do not live on-campus (i.e., York residences/York Apartments or The Quad) and are coming onto one of York’s campuses for in-person classes, to access services or other in-person activities.
    • York Quarantine Program: Choose this option only if you are currently in quarantine. If you have already finished your quarantine or have been exempted from quarantine as per the federal quarantine requirements, please choose one of the other two options.  If you have requested quarantine through York but are not yet in Canada, please do not fill out the screening.*

      Please ensure you are choosing the correct option each time you complete the screening.

      *If you were previously in quarantine and are having trouble uploading your proof of vaccination to YU Screen, please, review the FAQs on Better Together.
  2. Vaccination Clinics at Keele Campus
    Humber River Hospital will continue to hold vaccination clinics at the Aviva Centre on Keele campus. Drop-in vaccinations are available September 30 from noon to 6 p.m.
  3. Questions not answered by the FAQs?
    If you live in residence, please speak with your Residence Don or your Residence Life Coordinator.

You can also speak to an International Student Advisor and Immigration Specialist for questions during weekly Drop-In Advising sessions or to a Quarantine Team member during weekly Quarantine webinars. Please visit YI’s Events Calendar to sign up.


Vinitha Gengatharan 
Executive Director, York International