TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION: Confirm your Attendance of In-person Courses (Nov. 2, 2021)

TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION: Confirm your Attendance of In-person Courses (Nov. 2, 2021)

Note: The following message was only sent to a small group of students via email on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Students who received this email did not declare their vaccination status on YU Screen and were identified to be registered in in-person courses. Please see the message below for more details and instructions.

Our records show that you are registered in an in-person course and have not yet declared your vaccination status and provided proof of full vaccination. If this is accurate, you have failed to comply with the York University’s vaccination mandate and are at risk of de-enrollment

We are making one last attempt to confirm your attendance in an in-person course without being compliant with our vaccine mandate. Please take immediate action as we will begin de-enrollment this week.


If you access campus without providing proof of full vaccination, you are in violation of the vaccine mandate.


Effective September 7, the University established a COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate (the “Policy”) pursuant to the instructions of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the recommendations of the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health. The University is statutorily required to ensure compliance with this Policy.

Pursuant to the Policy and the reminder that you were sent on or about October 7, 2021, in order to attend in-person courses or activities and to have continued access to campus, you were required to submit through YU Screen by no later than end of day on October 18, 2021 proof that either: (a) you are Fully Vaccinated within the meaning of the Policy; or (b) York has granted you an exemption from the requirement to be Fully Vaccinated. An additional reminder was sent on or about October 15, 2021.

Thank you for your immediate response to this email. 

Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students