Final Attempt: Non-Compliance with COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

Final Attempt: Non-Compliance with COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

Our records show that you are registered for an in-person course for the Winter 2022 term and have not yet provided proof of full vaccination
If this is accurate, you are not in compliance with York University’s Vaccination Mandate. The December 1 deadline to upload your proof of full vaccination on YU Screen has now passed. This is our last attempt to confirm your proof of full vaccination. 
You may also receive a reminder text message from York University early next week.

Please take immediate action or you will be de-enrolled prior to the start of the winter term. Due to high demands and long waitlists for certain courses, re-enrolment is highly unlikely


  • If you are already fully vaccinated, upload proof on YU Screen and ensure that your status states “Fully Vaccinated.” If you have already uploaded proof of full vaccination on YU Screen, thank you. No further action is required. 
  • If you are in the process of becoming fully vaccinated, upload proof on YU Screen and change your status from “Unvaccinated” to “Partially Vaccinated.” If your proof of vaccination is not yet available, contact your Faculty Designates to inform them of your situation and the appointment date of your first and/or second dose for their records.
  • If all of your courses are remote for Winter 2022, use this form to let us know. By completing this form, you are attesting that you will not be physically coming to campus (Keele or Glendon) between January 1, 2022, to April 30, 2022, for any reason, unless you become fully vaccinated and comply with York University's vaccination mandate. This includes, for example, accessing our campuses to take in-person classes, take midterms or exams, study, work, attend events, utilize student services, use on-campus amenities (e.g. library, gym, etc) or live on campus.


Effective September 7, 2021, the University established a COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate (the “Policy”) pursuant to the instructions of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and the recommendations of the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health. The University is statutorily required to ensure compliance with this Policy. The Policy was updated on October 25, 2021, to include the Winter 2022 term.

Pursuant to the Policy, you must have disclosed your vaccination status on YU Screen by November 8, 2021, regardless of your current location and whether or not you are seeking access to the campus. Disclosure of vaccination status includes unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated or seeking an exemption from vaccination.

In order to attend in-person courses or activities and to have continued access to campus for the Winter 2022 term, you were required to submit proof through YU Screen by no later than end of day on December 1, 2021. This included proof that (a) you are Fully Vaccinated within the meaning of the Policy; or (b) York has granted you an exemption from the requirement to be Fully Vaccinated.

Should you fail to respect this prohibition as a student, your conduct will be addressed through the procedure set out in the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities for non-compliance with the Policy. We refer you to the provisions of Section 3 on COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements Policy Process.

Those who have been granted an exemption, based on medical or other reasons recognized by the Ontario Human Rights Code, must follow specified COVID-19 testing requirements. Note:  submitting an exemption request does not constitute approval of the request. Direct confirmation of approval must be issued by the University.

York University’s vaccination mandate for the Winter 2022 term was communicated on or about October 27, 2021, November 5, 2021, November 8, 2021, November 19, 2021 and November 23, 2021. A letter of Notice was sent on or about November 29, 2021.

Visit the Better Together website for the latest communication and FAQs. International students can reach out to York International at for support.


Lucy Fromowitz
Vice-Provost Students