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C4 Launchpad

C4 Launchpad: Only 40 spots available

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Are you C4 curious? Ready to gain skills in interdisciplinary teamwork? Want to work closely with a community or industry partner on a real-world project?

Then, C4 Launchpad is for you…

Ideal for

Students new to C4 who want to engage across disciplinary boundaries on a large, complex, social-impact project and grow professionally.

Time Commitments

Students spend three hours per week in the C4 classroom and three hours per week working outside of class within a small sub-team. The remainder of their time is spent
working independently on their tasks for their sub-team.

Transferable Skills

Cross-disciplinary collaboration, professional relationship building, ethical decision making, community engagement,
sustainability consciousness, large real-world project tracking, and rapid prototyping.


C4 Launchpad can be taken as a precursor to any of the other C4 options or on its own by students in the third, fourth, or fifth years of their undergraduate degrees.

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