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C4 Management

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C4 Management: Only 10 spots available

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Are you C4 alumni? Ready to further develop your leadership and project management skills? Eager to dive into an even bigger real-world project?

Then C4 Management is for you…

Ideal for

C4 alumni who want to hone their management skills by leading a large, complex project with one large team of undergraduates from across the campus.

Time Commitments

Collaborative project management, facilitating inclusiveness, ethical leadership development, sustainability consciousness, trans-disciplinary communication, and large, real-world project tackling.

Transferable Skills

Students spend three hours per week in the C4 classroom and three hours per week outside of class managing small sub-teams. The remainder of their time is spent working independently on their tasks for their sub-team.


C4 Management is ONLY for students who have taken C4 before. This course, within a course, focuses on leadership skills, with different outcomes and responsibilities for managing a team of up to 40 undergraduate students.

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