Charles Fisher and Caitlin Fisher

Requiem is an augmented reality poem in which digital imagery and sound is superimposed on a physical object -- in this case the card with the black and white marker. Simply hold the marker up to the webcam to begin experiencing the piece. Click the 'next scene' button to move through the poem.

Requiem is part of a larger, much more fragmented work by Caitlin Fisher, "Cardamom of the Dead: a novel in fragments built using tabletop augmented reality storytelling machines". The machines are customized software created under Fisher's direction in the Augmented Reality lab at York University. Most are created with SnapDragonAR). Requiem is created using the Open Source FLARToolkit (download the source code). Cardamom is a wide-ranging interactive and spatial piece about collections, hoarding and the things we save when people die, including "this poem written by my father."

1. To experience this AR poem, you need a printed marker (or marker on the screen of your mobile device), a computer hooked up to the Internet, and a webcam.

2. Plug in and turn on your speakers and webcam. Make sure your volume is at a comfortable level.

3. Start the experience. You will need to click "Allow" so your webcam can be used by Flash. You will not be recorded.

4. Hold the marker up to the webcam. Good lighting helps. Once you can see the images, you can try gently rotating the card Remember to click 'next scene.'

5. Enjoy Requiem.