The legend of Kasch teaches
us that sacrifice is the cause of
ruin, but that the absence of 
sacrifice is also the cause 
of ruin. This pair of simultaneous
 and contradictory truths hints
 at a singular and more 
obscure truth, which lies in
 tranquility: society is ruin.
 And from this obscurity a sign
 points us to something further, 
something on the bedrock: 
society is ruin because in it
 reverberates the sound of the 
world - its incessant, consuming 
In storytelling there is an element
 that is deeply opposed to mortal
 judgement, that skirts its coercive 
side, eludes the descending knife. 
Storytelling is a going forward and
 a turning back, a wave-like 
movement in the voice, a continual 
canceling of borders, a dodging
of sharp spears. 
The ruin of Kasch is the origin
 of literature. The soma is the
 origin of sweetness.

Roberto Calasso: The Ruin of Kasch (trs William Weaver & Stephen Sartarelli)
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