I was born in what was then Belgian Congo, in the Ituri Forest, where my parents were missionaries. [Ioan is Welsh for John, so I am basically a Celtic white male, and would have been designated a pieds noir if I was born in French Algeria]. I went to school there (in my mother's primary school), in Wales, Scotland, and completed my higher education at the University of London and the University of Essex. I was a journalist for a period and completed National Service (the draft) for the British army where I spent a fruitful two years with the Army Educational Corps as inspector of schools, current affairs lecturer and librarian at the Royal Military School of Music. I marched to Aldermaston with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, was Chair of the London New Left Club, and then taught at Cambridge University with the Extra-Mural (Adult Education) department, though mainly based in Norwich. I then joined the Sociology department at the University of Essex (from 1965-70), then in Guyana for six months, then at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario until 1972 when I came to York University. I have been a visitor (for nine months) to the London School of Economics, and have lectured in different parts of the world - New Zealand, Australia, California, Russia, Ireland, India, New York, Chicago, Poland, various places in Canada. My parents and siblings migrated to New Zealand. I have been married twice. The first time unhappily (but Virginia did marry an inmate of a penitentiary, hence my over-theorized Writers in Prison), the second time with gorgeous symmetry with Diane, my Jewish partner and co-investigator, lover and compadre with whom over the past 25 years I have debated, researched, explored everything from the Holocaust to feminism to multi-national corporations to multiculturalism to being parents to our own children, ourselves and many others. I have five children through both marriages, displaying all the interests and competencies that five children can derive from their own sense of living in places as distinct as the nether reaches of California, Oregon, England, and Southern Ontario.

My writing (see the Curriculum Vitae and the two other web-sites) displays at least part of my commitment to come to terms with all this experience as an individual and as an author/teacher. The issue remains, however. In being ourselves through the counter-influence of the media, the reading, the religious texts, where do we stand without subjecting ourselves to the spectre of tribalistic certitude? Or a nonsensical universal being? Or a nihilistic abdication of any value? Or, ultimately, the notion that only my story matters. My story (for that is what it is) invites your commentary. As the bombs fall, the multinationals collude in the destruction of public space (which includes the ozone layer), and the refugees flee, may we pause for a moment and contemplate the interstitial meaning of life?




e-mail: idavies@yorku.ca York University Phone: 416-736-5148, ext. 33192


University of London B.Sc. 1961 Economics/Sociology University of Essex Ph.D. 1970 Social History and Comparative Politics


Professor Department of Sociology, Social & Political Thought, Social Science. York University, 1977- present


1998 Visiting Professor, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
1991 Visiting Professor, Soviet Academy of Social Sciences
1977-1978 Academic Visitor, London School of Economics and Political Science
1972-1977 Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, York University
1970-1972 Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Queen's University
1970 Reader (Visiting, Department of Social Science, University of Guyana
1965-1970 Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Essex
1962-1965 Staff Tutor, Board of Extra-Mural Studies, University of Cambridge



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Journalism and Reviews

In addition to the above, I have also written a large number of reviews and journalistic articles for academic journals, cultural magazines and daily and weekly newspapers. From 1967 to the present these have included:
border/lines, British Journal of Sociology, Canadian Forum, Canadian Journal of Political Science,Clarion, Compass, Education, the Globe and Mail, International Affairs, International Socialism, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Jornal do Brasil, Manchester Guardian, New Left Review, New Society, New Statesman, Peace News, Shades, Socialist Review, Time and Tide, Times Higher Education Supplement, Times Literary Supplement, Toronto Star, Tribune, Venture.


Confidential Papers For U.K. Cabinet

"Communities Participation and Voluntary Activity", September 1969.
"Civil Rights, Administration and Participation", May 1969.

Papers Presented at Conferences

"Toronto: an essay in Correspondences", Passagen 2000, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, July 21-23, 1997.
"Lao Tzu and the Apaches", Walter Benjamin Association Meetings, Amsterdam, July 1997. "The Virtual City: Benjamin, Simmel and Elias", I.S.A. Theory Section, Lund, Sweden, 6/7 June, 1997.
"Beyond Cultural Studies," Theory, Culture and Society Conference, Berlin Hilton, 10-13 August 1995.
"Decolonizing the Fetish," Canadian Association for African Studies, Trent University, 11 May 1995.
"Rethinking Modernity: the Case of Tropical Africa," Conference on Globalization and Culture,
Duke University, Duke Center for Critical Theory, 9-12 November, 1994.
"Pleasure in the Panopticon: Toronto's SkyDome," International Sociological Association Congress, Bielefeld, Germany, July 18-23, 1994.
"Travelling Culture: tropical Africa in the 1990s," ISA Congress, Bielefeld, Germany, July 18-23, 1994.
"Russian Intellectuals: the fatal dialectic," Theory, Culture & Society 10th anniversary conference, Seven Springs, Pa, August 1992.
"Post-Glasnost: the Culture of Vertigo," Glasnost Conference, York University, Feb. 1991, and conference on "Creativity, Cultural Institutions and the Market - with special reference to post-communist conditions," at the Vienna Centre, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, September 1991.
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"A Welsh Bar-Mitzvah in North York", Matrix, # 42 (1992): 24-29.


Alpha and Omega: A Saga of Mami Wata, September, 1995.



Editorial Board, Topia, 1996 - present
Editorial Collective, Editorial Manager and Director, border/lines magazines, 1984-present
Editorial Board Member, Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory, 1981-1983
Editorial Board Member, Canadian Forum, 1972 to 1986
Editorial Board Member, Stand Magazine, 1960-1965


		1985	Control Data Canada
		1982	Ernst and Whinney
		1982	Cardinal Communications
		1980	Government of Saskatchewan
		1968-9	U.K. Cabinet Office
		1968-9	Walter Thompson, London
		1965-8	U.K. Dept. of Education and Science.


1986: The Challenge of Central Europe - 30 Years After The Hungarian Revolution 1983: Alternative Press in Canada. York University, Norman Bethune College 1977: Socialism and Democracy 1976: Spain: 40 Years After the Civil War. York University, Norman Bethune College 1974: One Day Conference on Chile 1973: China 25 Years After the Revolution. York University, Norman Bethune College


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"Writing about Prison", Marxist Institute of Toronto, March 1986, (3 lectures)
"After Applebert", invited lectures, Trent University, 1983, University of Waterloo, 1983, Queen's University, 1983
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"Picture of Reality", Canadian Centre of Photography, 1983.
"The Strangled Cry: Canadian Culture in the Eighties", invited lectures, Simon Fraser University, 1982, University of Alberta, 1982.
"Raymond Williams' Sociology", invited lecture, University of Christchurch, New Zealand and University of Auckland, 1981.
"The Antinomies of British Culture", invited lecture, Victoria, University of Wellington, New Zealand, 1981, University of Sydney, Australia, 1981.
"Rationality and Apocalyptic Thought" Nuffield College, Oxford, 1978, and London School of Economics, 1978.
"Politics and Myth", Manchester University, 1977
"Misreading English Culture", University of London, Institute of Education 1977



1998   Ontario-Quebec grants (1998-9)    $ 3,700             
1998   SSHRC Research Grant (1998-2001)   57,000
1997   SSHRC Minor Research Grant          2,000
1993   SSHRC Research Grant (1993-1996)	$101,000
1990   SSHRC Research Grant				  36,000
1990	SSHRC Travel Grant					 900
1990	OAC Project Grant				   4,700
1988	SSHRC Research Grant		       2,300
1986	Faculty of Arts Research Grant	   1,100
1986	SSHRC International Travel Grant   2,400
1986	SSHRC Conferences - Conference Grant	2,350
1986	Institute for Hungarian Studies Toronto 
	Conference Grant			1,000
1985-6	SSHRC Res. Grant			28,000
1985	SSHRC International Travel Grant	1,100
1984	SSHRC International Travel Grant	1,850
1981-2	York Indiv. Res. Grant	                     450
1981-2	SSHRC Indiv. Res. Grant	         	1,409
1980-1	York Indiv. Res. Grant		   125
1980-1	SSHRCC Indiv. Res. Grant		   500
1977-8	Canada Council Leave Fellowship     	7,000
1977	Canada Council Research Fellowship	4,200
1975	Small Research Grant, York University	950
1973	Small Research Grant, York University	400
1970	Minor Research Grant, Queen's University 2,400
1961	Leverhulme Graduate Fellowship	     750


1992 Ontario Arts Council Grant for border/lines 27,500 1992 Canada Council Grant for border/lines 8,000 1991 Canada Council Grant for border/lines 8,000 1990 Ontario Arts Council Grant for border/lines 27,000 1990 Canada Council Grant for border/lines 15,000 1989 Ontario Arts Council Grant for border/lines 24,500 1988 Ontario Arts Council Grant for border/lines 18,000 1988 Canada Council Grant for border/lines 11,500 1987 Ontario Arts Council Grant for border/lines 14,000 1986 Canada Council Grant for border/lines 9,000 1986 Ontario Arts Council Grant for border/lines 11,400 1985 York Ad-Hoc Grant for border/lines 2,500 1984 York Vice Pres.(Acad.) Grant for border/lines 2,500 1984 York Dean of Arts Grant for border/lines 500 1983 York Ad-Hoc Grant for border/lines 2,400


1985 Control Data (Canada) Ltd. Indiv. Res. Grant 2,500 1981-2 Ernst & Winny Indiv. Res. Grant 1, 500 1981-2 Cardinal Communic. Indiv. Res. Grant 2,500 1965 U.K. Dept. of Education and Science Research Grant 24,000



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Satu Repo (Sociology, O.I.S.E.) (1986)
Rachel Brenner (English) (1986)
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Ph.D. Theses in Process: Chair of Supervision Committee
Valerie Scatamburlo
Veronique Tomaszewski
Caitlin Fisher


Artefacts of History (1997)
Aesthetics and Critical Theory (1995-6, 1992, 1988-9, 1982-3, 1981-2, 1979-80, 1976-7).
Canadian Critical Cultural Theory (1994)
Cultural Imperialism (1992-3)
Contemporary Marxist Theory (1991)
Social Organization of Knowledge (1989-90)
Critique of Everyday Culture (1984-7)
Classical Sociological Theory (1982-3)
Contemporary Social Theory (1978-9)
Social Theories of Communication (1975-6)
Theories of Stratification (1972-3; 1973-4; 1974-5)
Political Sociology (1972)



Offices held. 1972-77. Master, Bethune College, York University
1968-69. Co-ordinator of the Common First Year, School of Comparative Studies,University of Essex

Membership of Committees, Boards.
Periodically between 1972 and present:
Executives and other committees; Graduate Programmes in Sociology and Social and Political Thought
1987-8: Member of Academic Board, Hungarian Research Institute of Canada
1987-88: Executive of Graduate Faculty.
Periodically between 1978 and 1984:
Fellows Executive, Norman Bethune College.
1970-71: Membership of Graduate Faculty Executive, Queen's University
1968-69: Membership of Board of Extra-Mural Studies, University of London, and Cambridge University, 1969-70.

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