My research and development in the area of computer imaging systems started in 1986 when I was hired into the Imaging R&D unit of the IBM Toronto Laboratory. My first project involved the development of enhancement and restoration techniques for the processing of 8-bit gray images on PCs and PS/2 machines. In 1989 working as part of the IBMís Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) I collaborated with the PAMI group of University of Waterloo on the development of face recognition system. This system included feature extraction based on expert-assisted feature selection, spatial feature measurement and representation, feature information compression and organization, search procedures and pattern-matching techniques. Another project on which I worked while in CAS was the calibration of colour monitors using the CIE standard. In this project we developed a number of models which lead to accurate colour display for a large range of luminosities. We also studied colour calibration of scanners and printers.

After leaving IBM I had the opportunity to get back to computer imaging systems in 1997 when I was hired by I-Image Medical Technologies Inc., Montreal to design and develop a pattern recognition program which measures and analyses eye blood vessels in the assessment of an ophthalmic patient before and after medical or surgical interventions.

All this work on computer imaging systems was published in journals or technical reports and presented at various conferences.