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Service Learning and the Capstone Experience

Service Learning and the Capstone Experience

This study analyzes the results of this learning strategy by using a follow-up survey that rates the student on 20 categories of character using the Service Learning Benefits (SELEB) scale (Toncar et al. Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice, 14(3), 223-238, 2006). Business and economic majors at colleges and universities are being challenged to create learning experiences outside the classroom. This allows the student to participate in experiences that may be used as "resume builders" and networking opportunities....Results indicate that students rate personal responsibility, communication skills and leadership skills highest in this service learning experience. Additionally, students’ perceptions of the learning experience have improved since the program’s inception.” (p.467)

Gallagher, M. J., Mcgorry, S. Y., & Hettler, P. L. (2015). Service Learning and the Capstone Experience. International Advances in Economic Research, 21(4), 467-476. doi:10.1007/s11294-015-9550-z

Resource Theme(s): Developing capstone curriculum to enhance student achievement, Effective capstone models and approaches that enhance student achievement