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Service-Learning in a Capstone Modeling Course

Service-Learning in a Capstone Modeling Course

“A service-learning project provides a coherent theme for a modeling capstone course, motivating many aspects of the modeling process and bringing together skills from various parts of a student’s background.” (p.516) “Since students bring different viewpoints and backgrounds to their problem, the group may be able to perform various analyses beyond what any individual member can do. On the other hand, group dynamics can be difficult, and everyone may not contribute equally to a solution. Potential inequity can be addressed by having oral presentations, which encourage students to work together, and to require each student to submit his or her own written solution.” (p.513)

Berkove, E. (2013). Service-Learning in a Capstone Modeling Course. Primus, 23(6), 507-518. doi:10.1080/10511970.2013.764367

Resource Theme(s): Developing capstone curriculum to enhance student achievement, Effective capstone models and approaches that enhance student achievement