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Project 100

Challenge Question

How might we implement a public-use cannabis testing device?

Partner: TBD

Project Summary

With recent changes in the legalization of cannabis around the world, there is an urgent need for rapid, yet sensitive, screening devices for testing drivers and employees under the influence of cannabis at the roadside and at the workplace, respectively. Current, on-site THC screening solutions do not have the accuracy to detect THC at required legal limits. Hybrid Biomedical Optics has recently invented a platform technology that can sensitively interpret low-cost rapid tests and Hybrid Biomedical Optics and AfimaCheck Inc are seeking a team of designers to design, develop and validate a low-cost and handheld thermo-photonic device created for the detection and quantification of THC (the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis) in oral fluid. Engineering students from a broad range of backgrounds will work to develop miniaturization of a handheld instrument containing lasers, infrared detectors and electronics that interpret oral fluid THC rapid tests. The project requires that a software user interface also be developed in LabVIEW for the purpose of data acquisition, instrument control, and data analysis. The final prototype will be evaluated by testing various concentrations of THC in artificial oral fluid. The research team will require individuals with knowledge and past experience in instrumentation and measurement techniques, programming in LabVIEW and MATLAB - PCB board and electronic design and assembly in addition to advanced critical thinking and time management. A research team should be comprised of individuals with knowledge of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering and design.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Key Words

  • cannabis
  • THC detection
  • miniaturization
  • engineering
  • public health