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Project 109

Challenge Question

How might a fitness app be accessible for people with disabilities? 

Partner: Motiv Fitness

Project Summary

Roughly 15% of the world population have some form of disability and those with physical disability are often unable to access exercise programs that cater to their  particular disability. As a result, they often have to find ways to adjust pre-existing exercises geared for persons with no type of physical impairment. People with a physical disability interested in trying to live a fit lifestyle tend to go the extra mile to modify and find exercises that will not cause injuries and strengthen their muscles and currently available apps are either not user-friendly or are unavailable for the specific need of this population. As a result, they rely on YouTube videos, which may or may not be safe. The objective of this project is to create a fitness app that caters specifically to people with different physical disabilities and allows them to confidently improve their fitness level and overall health. The team of researchers for this project could be composed of individuals with knowledge of kinesiology, occupational therapy, industrial design, smartphones/smart devices, marketing, and computer/web design. 

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Sustainable Development Goals

Key Words

  • Accessibility
  • Health