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Project 95

Challenge Question

How might we implement an ultra-cold refrigeration system appropriate for rapid deployment anywhere in the world?

Partner: Surface Engineering and Instrumentation Lab

Project Summary

The temperature that COVID-19 vaccines need to be kept at is viewed as a barrier to widespread vaccine distribution. This project involves engaging a team of researchers with the task of designing a portable ultra-cold refrigeration system that is capable of being transported to all global locations. The required refrigeration system can either be designed as a standalone container, or in such a way that it can be retrofitted into an existing vehicle - but the temperature must not fluctuate and it is necessary for it to be maintained at -70°C. In addition, said refrigeration system should be able to identify issues and provide solutions and/or next steps to solve these problems. In order to execute this project a team will be prepared to design a system that can take into account multiple system variables, including space temperatures, humidity, envelope, portability, and outdoor conditions so that temperature targets can be maintained. A research team could be composed of individuals with knowledge of computer, mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineering and design.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Project Source Website

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Key Words

  • industrial/mechanical design
  • refridgeration systems
  • COVID-19