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Project 98

Challenge Question

How can AI be brought to bear on improving educational experiences and outcomes in the K-12 age range?

Partner: B.E.S.T Lab

Project Summary

In moving towards more personalized education, where the strengths and challenges of each learner are more easily able to be identified and supported, artificial intelligence/machine learning technology and practices have been suggested as a means to: identify student learning trends and recommend student learning activities; identify learning challenges; and, support contemporary teaching practices. There is an increasing use of online and gamified testing and learning tools in the K-12 sector that points to this suggestion as increasingly becoming part of reality. In what ways can this technology be brought to this learning space in a positive way, and what pitfalls and concerns need to be highlighted to avoid negative outcomes? For this project a research team will investigate current AI and machine learning practices and technologies in order to propose ways that AI and machine learning initiatives can be used to support student learning in conventional and new ways. The research team for this project should have strong research and writing skills as well as knowledge and interest in education, computer programming and engineering, design, and health.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Project Source Website

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Key Words

  • technology
  • learning
  • games