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Project 99

Challenge Question

Can we design an engaging, interactive, equitably accessible online virtual conference platform?

Partner: Centre for Vision Research

Project Summary

COVID-19 has encouraged the development and proliferation of virtual engagement platforms as a replacement for live events, like performances and conferences. Yet, most that have been developed lack an awareness of the need for accessibility and equity. They also fail to replicate the human connection possibilities afforded by live events. A group of students are invited to design a new approach to virtual conference platforms that foregrounds these considerations. A project team might include individuals with knowledge of design, computer science, communication studies, media studies, and computer engineering.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Organizational Profile

The Centre for Vision Research brings together researchers in psychology, health science, technology, and other science fields in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment. The CVR’s medical research and technological innovation has addressed neurological conditions including strokes, migraines, brain disorders, autism, and visual deficits in Canada’s aging population. We are currently interested in exploring the external factors that may be used to improve the lived experiences of persons with dementia, including environmental considerations, technological support, and cognitive aids.

Key Words

  • VR, design
  • computer engineering
  • remote engagement